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WHERE is Kemska parish


In the film masterpiece of Soviet cinema "Ivan Vasilievich changes profession" the Swedish ambassador wanted to get Kemsku volost, and the curiosity of the viewer could not pass by this fact.

Many people are interested in knowing where this very municipality was located and whether it existed at all.

Kemsk volost existed and exists at the present moment, being part of Russia, but already under a different name.

Ambassador of Sweden in the film Gaidai, as he believesForeigner, slightly distorted the name of the region, which the Swedes so wanted to see in their possessions. And the correct name at that time sounded not as Kemska volost, but as Kemskaya - the correct form of the adjective on behalf of the city of Kem, and not Kemsk. Thus, Kemsk (Kemskaya volost) was a rural territory of the principality, which is under the control of the city of Kem. The very name of the city of Kem is native Karelian and is translated into Russian as "Big River", which is reflected in the flowing near the full river Kem.

Why did the Swedes want to get the Kemsku volost

In the era that fell on the reign of Ivan the Terrible, the borders of Russia and the Kingdom of Sweden passed just along the line where Kemska volost was located.

Kemsk parish has always attracted neighboring powers. On the shore of the White Sea near the city of Kem, you can even see evidence of the Vikings' stay on these lands.

Finland, while a separate state does notExisted and Sweden had direct and extended borders with Russia approximately along the line where the modern Russian-Finnish border is located. Therefore, Kemska volost was an important strategic area with a strong economic potential. In the forests of the parish there were many fur-bearing animals and ship wood. For example, the Karelian pine, which is the hardest tree species among coniferous trees, was very much appreciated among shipbuilders. From this pine there were also excellent warm houses, which also could be useful for the Swedes. As for the situation of the Kem Volost, having mastered it, it was possible to get the whole of the Kola Peninsula at its disposal and continue the military and economic expansion further to Arkhangelsk and the Urals. And, as is known, from the port of Arkhangelsk ships were then sent even to England with, again, a valuable raw material for the ship industry.

Where is the modern city of Kem

The city of Kem is today the center of the Kemsky district of the Republic of Karelia and is located in its northern part near the administrative border with the Murmansk region.

The modern city of Kem is a center for logging and energy with a strong economic potential, and on the Kem River there are several large hydroelectric power stations. It turns out that the Swedes knew what they wanted.

You can get to this city from PetrozavodskAbout seven hours by car, and the way to Murmansk will take about eight hours. In Kemi there is a railway station, from where trains follow from Moscow and St. Petersburg direction towards Murmansk. Opposite the city of Kem and the White Sea, the Solovetsky Islands are located, on which the most beautiful Solovetsky Monastery is built - a popular tourist destination for tourists from all over the world. On Solovki from the city of Kem regularly go boats and small vessels, but you can also buy a ticket for the ship "Vasily Kosyakov."

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