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Where is the town of Kem

Where is the town of Kem

In the Soviet blockbusters Cinématographe "Ivan Vasilievich" Swedish Ambassador wanted to get Kem parish, and the viewer curiosity could not ignore this fact.

Many people like to know where was this same town and it even existed.

Kem parish existed and still exists at the present moment, being a part of Russia, but under a different name.

Swedish Ambassador in Hyde movie, as expecteda foreigner, a little crippled by the name of the field, which is so like to see in their possession the Swedes. And the correct name at the time did not sound like Kem parish, but as Kemskaya - the correct form of the adjective in the name of the city of Kem, Kem instead. Thus, Kem (Kemskaya town) was a rural area of ​​the principality under the administration of the city of Kemi. The name of the town Kem native Karelian and translated into Russian as "Big River", which is reflected in a number of flowing deep river Kem.

Why Swedes wanted Kem parish

In an era that had come to the reign of Ivan the Terrible, the Russian border and the Kingdom of Sweden were just on the line, where he was parish Kem.

Kem town has always attracted neighboring powers. On the shore of the White Sea in Kem town area you can even see the evidence of the Vikings stay in these lands.

Finland while individual States are notSweden and there was direct and long borders with Russia for around the line where the modern Russian-Finnish border. Therefore, Kem parish was an important strategic region with strong economic potential. In the forests of the parish had a lot of fur-bearing animals and ship timber. For example, it is very appreciated among shipbuilders Karelian pine, which is the hardest tree species among conifers. From this pine were obtained and excellent warm home that the Swedes could also come in handy. As for the position of Kem parish, then mastered it, you can completely get their hands on all of the Kola Peninsula and continue military and economic expansion further to Arkhangelsk and the Urals. As you know, from the port of Arkhangelsk ships then went to England, even with, again, a valuable raw material for the naval industry.

Where is the modern town of Kem

City Kem today is the center of the Republic of Karelia Kem region and is located in the northern part near the administrative border with the Murmansk region.

The modern city of Kem - is the center of timber and energy with strong economic potential, and on the river Kem has several large hydropower plants. It turns out, the Swedes knew what they wanted.

Getting to this town can be from Petrozavodskabout seven hours by car, but the way to Murmansk will take about eight hours. In Kemi there is the railway station, from where trains run to Moscow and St. Petersburg direction towards Murmansk. Opposite the town of Kem and White Sea Solovetsky Islands are located, on which to build a beautiful Solovetsky Monastery - a popular tourist destination for tourists from around the world. Solovki from Kem regularly go boats and small vessels, but you can also buy a ticket on the ship "Vasiliy Kosjakov".

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