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Where is the Disneyland of Spain

Where is the Disneyland of Spain

"Port Aventura", aka Spanish Disneyland - one of the most popular amusement parks in the world.

Being the second largest Disneyland Old World, he is not inferior to his fellow Parisian, and even has its own advantages.

"Port Aventura" - Spanish fairy tale for children and adults

"Port Aventura" - unique and unique,fabulous and magical, spectacular and fascinating amusement park, which is sometimes referred to as Spanish Disneyland. He is one of the young amusement parks in Europe. The idea of ​​its creation belongs to the three companies, but far from the Spanish and US: Universal Studios, Tussauds Group and Anheuser-Busch.
Its doors the park opened to visitors1995 year. Every year, "Port Aventura" is improved, there are new attractions, improving service quality and service. Few visitors leave the park in a dull mood.

What's interesting is, in the Spanish Disneyland

Every year Spanish Disneyland is visited by approximately threemillion, while the figure is steadily increasing. This park is a landmark destination not only for tourists, but also of the Spaniards. This is not surprising, because it really is something to see!
Its impressive dimensions of the area in 117hectares are more than four dozen rides for both kids and adults. It is unlike other similar amusement parks that is divided into themed areas geographically. Visitors will be able to choose the sector that are closer to them.
This zone includes all who come to the "PortAventura "because it is located right at the entrance. In it you can find a large number of cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. Of special attention it deserves the entertainment Furius Baco - attraction with acceleration up to 135 kilometers per hour in just three seconds! Sensations from such flight literally unspeakable.
In this zone reigns fun and a riot of colors. Here are all tasteless, gaudy and beckoning. From entertainment deserves attention El Diablo-Tren de la Mina - American race with a very long route.

None of the Disneyland of the world there are so many roller coasters, as in Spanish.

"Wild West"
This area is literally saturated cowboy spirit: Here you can enjoy plenty of typical American landscapes and picturesque houses. Very popular in this sector are Stampida entertainment - race on wooden trolleys and Silver River Flume - water attraction that simulates a descent on a mountain river.
Perhaps this is the most visited area in"Port Aventura". Many visitors tend to park to get to the Dragon Khan - Chinese analogue of the roller coaster. For this ride is characterized by the effect of the lost seats, so if your nerves acting up, it is better not to test them again.
This is the area for the youngest visitors to the park. There let children from three years. There you can take a ride on the airplane, the airplane, the machine in the form of fish and, of course, meet with cartoon characters.

In the park there is also a thematic area "Polynesia". Its most popular attraction is Sea Odyssey - an excellent 4D-cinema, which will give vivid impressions.

How to find Disneyland in Spain

It is "Port Aventura" in a very cozy andvery charming town of Salou. It is located in the Catalan province of Tarragona, in the "gold coast" Costa Dorada. The city is famous not only Disneyland, but also beautiful beaches marked with blue flags, green parks, picturesque coves, and hospitable residents.
From Barcelona's "Port Aventura" separated 90kilometers (about 1.5 hours away by bus). With the capital of Spain, Madrid, is more complicated. The distance from it to not close Salou - 500 kilometers. To overcome it is better to use high-speed train, but in this case, the travel time will be at least 5-6 hours, but in the comfort of the trip will not have to complain.
Distance from Valencia to "Port Aventura", toodecent - 350 kilometers. It can also be overcome by high speed train. One consolation is that the space in which passes the train, very picturesque.

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