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Where to find the sims 3 the fruit of life

Where to find the sims 3 the fruit of life

Series The Sims games - popular life simulator.

However, in these games, there are lots of interesting features that are not available in ordinary life.

For example, in the third part of the game can be grown truly amazing plant.

The fruits of life is not so easy to find

Fruit of life - a special kind of fruit in The Sims 3. Externally it resembles a large yellow bulb that glows. Sometimes life fruit is used as a natural lighting.

The fruits of life can not be bought in a supermarket. They can grow or be found in travel. For example, in the tomb of the famous "Pyramid of Heaven", which is located in Al-Simara.

To create Simbota need to get ten fruits of life.

This fruit can be obtained using cheat codes. First you need to bring up the console by simultaneously pressing ctrl button, shift, and c. At the command prompt, you need to dial testingcheatsenabled true, then bring up the console again and type buydebug code. If you then go to buy mode, in the category of plant life can be found bush fruits.

How to grow a rare fruit in The sims 3?

To grow the fruit of life in an honest way, it is necessary,your character was a good gardener. He will need the seventh level of skill. Fruit seeds life can be obtained in different ways. You can find them in the city, get as a reward for his scientific achievements, to find them in the study of the catacombs of the mausoleum or while fishing. The fruits of life do not require any special care, they should be planted like any other seeds, followed by watering and weeding time.

Ripe fruits of life have a number ofpositive properties. Firstly, they can be used as the best fertilizer (this option will suit you if your Sim has grown a few bushes plants), and secondly, eaten raw fruit rejuvenate Sim on one day (at standard settings of aging). Dishes prepared from the fruit of the life of such properties do not possess.

The fruits of life can be sold in the supermarket twenty Simoleons apiece, that taking into account all costs seems to be a very low price.

Of course, this does not apply to Ambrosia. Ambrosia - a wonderful dish that "rolls back" character to the beginning of the current stage of life. That is to say these things, that I was a teenager for two weeks and that should grow up (go into a state of "young"), a week later, after drinking ambrosia, the next stage of life will move in just three weeks. Moreover, Ambrosia revives any ghost, unless, of course, to persuade him to eat a piece. To make this wonderful dish sim must have ten levels of cooking and fishing. In addition to the life of the fetus in the Ambrosia includes fish death, which can be caught at night in the cemetery pond, using as bait angelfish.

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