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Where Russia's most beautiful girl

Where Russia's most beautiful girl

Some men are interested in burning question "where you can find the most beautiful girls in Russia?".

Equally interested in the issue and women who want to be among the beauties of living in Russia.

Based on numerous interviews it was compiled rating of cities and regions, which are home to the most beautiful Russian women.

Highest rated

The leading position on the visual appealWomen took Rostov-on-Don, a resident who often won prizes in beauty contests. So, the title of Miss World in 2003 received Rostovite Victoria Lopyreva, the title of Mrs. Universe 2009 beauty got another Rostovite - Irina Zagoruiko. Famous for its beauties and St. Petersburg, which is considered an international European city.

Peterburzhenka also repeatedly won in various activities on the theme of beauty, as a mixture of blood gives the most attractive appearance.

No less beautiful Krasnodar Cossacks, whoThey are known for their vivid facial features and beautiful feminine figures. Keep up with the beauties of Kuban residents of Volgograd and Saratov regions - in them for many centuries, mixing different blood, which led to the appearance of the beautiful people. Men speak with admiration about the girls from Moscow, which, though often improve their appearance by artificial means, but still look amazing.


Excellent reviews about the beauty gotwomen living in Samara, Vologda, a city of Ivanovo bride, Nizhny Novgorod and Perm. According to data from independent Russian agency "A +", the voices of the men in the survey "where live the most beautiful girls of Russia?" As follows. Samara received 14.8%, Volgograd - 12.1%, Saratov - 11.1%, Rostov-on-Don - 10.9%, Ivanovo - 10.8%. 9.6% of men voted for Nizhny Novgorod, 7.5% - for St. Petersburg, 6.8% - for the Krasnodar 6, 4% - for Moscow, and 4.2% - for Vologda.

However, when comparing data from various surveys, opinions male rather strongly disagree.

Disagreement psychologists associated with the factsingle definition of beauty that does not exist - each person can be considered beautiful are two different things, or facial features. Women do the same beauty and is very unstable concept, because men love how skinny and plump women, both blondes and brunettes, both low and high. The main parameters, which focuses most men when evaluating women psychologists believe her femininity, intelligence and love for life and willingness to please a man. The rest of the external quality, though not unimportant, but it is not leading to the phenomenon as the beauty of women.

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