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Where in Moscow to travel with a child

Where to go with the child in Moscow

Moscow is filled with a wide variety of entertainment for residents and guests.

If you are going to rest with the child, then rest assured - there will be many places for your entertainment joint.



Moscow Zoo - the traditional place forvisiting children. Despite more than a century of history, never ceases to please both adults and children. Changing cages, bring new animals are born young, so even an annual visit to the zoo will not lose its appeal.


Go with your child to the Moscow Circus. They were in the capital a few: The Great Moscow State Circus and Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. A visit to a circus show - it's always a fairy tale full of unexpected wonders. The sea of ​​different feelings and impressions. Neither baby will not remain indifferent, caught in this wonderful world. Moscow Circus is constantly offering new programs are invited to speak foreign circus show.


I love the theater is better to vaccinate a child. They were in Moscow quite a lot and each offers a varied repertoire for children of different ages. The price range varies from 100 to 1000 rubles per ticket. Visit puppet theaters ( "Albatross", "Firebird", "Blue Bird"), the Moscow Children's Theatre of Shadows at the Izmailovo Boulevard, Moscow theater of illusions and many others.


Go with the children in the park - a traditionalplace for walking and recreation. They were in the capital of more than 20. Each offers exciting rides, games and a walk in the forest part. This is a great opportunity to relax and get some fresh air.


Do not forget to visit the museums of Moscow. For example, "Zabavushka" will acquaint with folk toys - any exhibit you can pick up and play with him. You can participate in the game excursions. Kremlin in Izmailovo - a cultural and entertainment complex with a variety of tours, the museum of toys, horse riding and learning Russian folk crafts.


Babe school age have to tastevisit the Museum of the History of the Russian Navy and the Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Hill. These are just some examples of the Moscow museums - list all can be very long.

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