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Where in Moscow to jump with a parachute

Where in Moscow to jump with a parachute

Even ten years ago skydiving in Russia were available only to athletes and paratroopers.

Usually, people have a hard time learning, learning the theory of months, and waiting in hospital corridors to get the treasured certificate of admission to the airfield.

Today the situation has changed, and skydiving have become massively popular extreme entertainment.

So, here are some places to carry out his first jump in Moscow.

Top 5 places where you can jump with a parachute in Moscow

1) The airfield "Tushino".
Of the advantages of this place it is possible to note a fairly convenient location, the new high-quality equipment, experienced instructors. You will need medical insurance policy and the health certificate.

In the case of unimportant state of health or bad weather jump allowed to postpone, but not later than 3 days after predpryzhkovoy training.

Jumping from a height of 1000 meters is doneon the day of preparation. It starts from 9-12 hours and took about 3 h. In principle, this is the simplest form of the jump, as from the beginner will need only to land - it will push out of the plane instructor and parachute canopy will reveal itself.
In tandem, you can jump from a height of 4000 meters, which will cost considerably more expensive than the price. But when the tandem jump is allowed to order a video or take photographs of its first flight.
Tushino airfield is located at Volokolamskhighway, 88, building 1. For visits should reach the metro station "Tushinskaya", then exit from the last car and turn left. On the surface, you need to pass along the iron fence to the building of the National Flying Club, working from 9 to 18 hours from Wednesday to Sunday.
2) Egoryevsky flying club.
Of the advantages of this place is worth noting the opportunity to celebrate the leap, stay overnight in a local hotel. Among the shortcomings - an inconvenient location, as well as higher prices.
Here offer beginners jump from 900 meters,and in tandem - 4000 meters. Movie extra charge. In addition, people who weigh more than 90 kilograms, will have to pay a certain amount for every 10 kg of weight.
First you need to travel by train or busto Egoryevsk. After that you should travel on the local bus, which goes to Shuvoye, to the stop called "Kostylevo-2." Next, the signs need to walk.
3) Aero Club "Volosovo."
Advantages - reasonable prices, a café, a private hotel. The disadvantages - lack of video services and the tandem jump the queue in the summer.
There skydiving held at the weekend,and without prior arrangement. for take-off of the Group recruited fairly quickly. Jumping in the summer are held up to 19 hours, but you should plan your time taking into account the fact that the instruction will take at least 3 hours.
To get to the flying club should be "Volosovo"bus number 458, which runs from the metro station "South" to Serpukhov. You can also get a train to the Kursk railway station "Chekhov" station, and then reach the destination by bus number 21.
4) Second Moscow aero club.
Advantages - no crowds, high-quality equipment, a hotel, an opportunity to go on a plane. Disadvantages - no video and the tandem jump.
This flying club hosts only forholidays and weekends, from 09 to 18 hours. Instruction begins with the 10 am and takes 3 hours. The last group created in 15 hours. Arrive later will have to stay until the next morning in a hotel or to come back another day. To get you from the Kursk railway station to station "Pakhomovo". After that, go through the signs for another 1 kilometer on foot.
5) dz "Pushchino".
Advantages - low price, the ability to jumpParachute on weekdays, to admire the sky jumping acrobats. Disadvantages - difficult to reach by public transport, it is impossible to carry out his first jump alone.
This flying club is open from 10 am toThursday to Sunday. The first jump you can do only in tandem. Subsequent jumps (with the mandatory presence of the certificate) can already be performed independently. Rent a parachute jump for each separately. Drive can be from the metro station "South" on the bus number 359 and bus Moscow-Pushchino.

Necessary documents for the first jump

You should have a passport or other document proving your identity (driver's license, passport).

Minors are required to havenotarized permission from parents. It should be written in free form, with passport data of one parent and his or her signature.

Some aeroclubs require help from a therapistthe absence of contraindications. However, in most flying clubs medical examination carried out in a leap day directly on the airfield. Obtained from a staff physician Aeroclub document may be sufficient to perform the jump.
Experienced skydivers need to carrycertificates, which confirm previous jumps. For an athlete requires a standard set of documents: WFC, license, parachute book, Passport to the system.

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