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Where in Moscow is an icon Vsetsaritsa

Where in Moscow is an icon Vsetsaritsa

Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God called"Vsetsaritsa" was written in the 17th century. This is a small image of the Blessed Virgin known healings of cancer patients, so for him tirelessly pilgrimages of believers who are eager to receive mercy from "Vsetsaritsa".

Where is the icon and what else is known?

Place icons in Greece

Today, the original miraculous image of Our LadyMother kept on the Holy Mount Athos. The icon is located in the cathedral church of the monastery of Vatopedi monastery, on the left of the king's gate. "Vsetsaritsa" represents the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a crimson dress which sits on a throne and holding in her arms the infant Jesus. Jesus in his left hand holds a scroll, and right - blesses the people with the icon. Mother of the right hand points to the Savior, and behind her are two angels with outstretched wings.

In addition to "Vsetsaritsa" on the territory of Vatopedi monastery is also another relic - the Holy Virgin's Belt.

This icon is the iconographic - that is,immaculate, and of Our Immaculate. Such epithets usually accompany such an image of the Virgin, and their common feature is vossedanie Mary on the throne, which symbolizes her royal glory and greatness. The icon shows his miraculous power, healing people suffering from cancer. Her first cured "patient" was a man who lived in the 17th century - since hot prayerful appeal to "Vsetsaritsa" saved many seemingly doomed people.

Place icons in Moscow

In 1995, the miraculous image was brought toRussia and placed in the Children's Cancer Center at Kashirskoye at the request of the Community of Charity of St. John of Kronstadt. On Athos icons, with the blessing of the governor of Vatopedi Monastery Archimandrite Ephraim, a replica was made. Its written in compliance with the anticipation of prayer, the canon and solemn worship, after which "Vsetsaritsa", brought to the center, began to help sick children.

Status of children quickly began to improve, the improvement could not be explained by one taking drugs and irradiation.

On Christmas icon suddenly began to stream myrrh,filling the air with heavenly fragrance. She was placed in the temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary, where she zamirotochila again, after which it was committed by another miracle - "Vsetsaritsa" healed a guy who was a drug addict for many years. After that, it began to turn the parents of children who are addicted to addictions. Today the icon is located at the former New Alexeyev monastery at the Church of All Saints (Krasnoselsky Lane). Periodically, the image is brought to the Cancer Center, where prayers are before him.

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