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Where in Moscow tennis

Tennis in Moscow

Many residents of Moscow every year more and more began to get involved in tennis. In the capital, there are indoor and outdoor tennis courts with different coatings - from asphalt to sports turf.

On the courts operate rental, locker rooms, snack bars and shops with the appropriate equipment.

Addresses and contacts tennis clubs

court rental clubs costs an average of 1500 rubles. 3000 p. one hour. The cost of an open court in the summer are cheaper - from 600 rubles.

One of the places where you can rent a court andplay tennis, it is the center of PRO. Here, visitors are provided with 5 indoor courts Teraflex coating, and with the arrival of the summer preparing for another 5 outdoor clay courts. Customers waiting at the address. Lobachevsky, 120A. To book a tennis court, it is necessary to call at +7 (495) 971 03 45 and +7 (495) 651 11 12. Club PRO stands in the city center in a green Ramenky.
Play a game of tennis can be at the Palais des TennisCSKA, located at the Leningrad Prospekt, d. 39, pp. 12a. Get advice and answers to the questions will help call at +7 (495) 613 65 47 and +7 (495) 613 65 27. The club offers 4 outdoor courts with the ground, 2 - with asphalt and lighting, 2 - indoor courts, Teraflex covered.
Since 2004, it works effectively "Russian Schooltennis. " In the club you can play tennis, get a personal trainer, to assess their level of play. Handle should call +7 (926) 082 65 65 or write to the email address admin@rutennis.ru.

That is to Hard coating in the present time held all the major tennis tournaments in the world.

Tennis court with the newest Hard-coatedIt is in the "Loco Park" fitness club. court rental is convenient to residents of areas ENEA, Medvedkovo, Babushkinskiy, Otradnoe and Sviblovo. The club is located on the street. Verkhoyansk, 9. Reserve a court by phone: +7 (495) 780 00 08.
Club "Sportvencher" offers to play in the bigTennis courts in five covered with synthetic carpet. There is a club on the street. Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment. 14, p. 1. All inquiries by phone: +7 (495) 259 51 65.
Six modern courts with Hard coating offers a sports complex «Megasport Tennis», located at ul. Samora Machel, 5. Record by phone +7 (495) 221 06 93.
Play tennis in Moscow it is possible not only in high-end modern equipped tennis clubs, and there are plenty of budget options with hourly rentals.

Tennis in Moscow

Tennis - is an alternative to keep yourself in goodphysical shape and be in harmony with the body and soul. Play it is quite simple, but difficult to learn how to win. Each club has individual services and training sessions with a trainer. Children are invited to classes already 4-5 years, but the upper age threshold does not exist. It is also possible to rent several courts simultaneously with a viewing platform, which is good for corporate clients and for major competitions.

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