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Where in Moscow it is possible to do heart surgery

Heart surgery in Moscow

Cardiac surgery is rapidly growing in Moscowand much different from what it was some 20 years ago. Many hospitals and clinics are equipped with modern technology and are in the state of an experienced and professional doctors.

Public hospitals receive free quota and provide paid services.

Government institutions, where you can make heart surgery

One of the famous centers in the field of cardiac surgeryMoscow is the "Center of Cardiovascular Surgery them. AN Bakuleva ". To get to the hospital in the center as possible after a personal consultation with a doctor. Join a doctor should be in the registry. Registry Phone: +7 (495) 414 75 90, +7 (499) 236 91 96. It is possible to get correspondence consultation at the clinic specialists via feedback through the official website bakulev.ru. Complaints and copies of the documents can be sent by letter to the address 121552, Moscow, ul. Rublevskoe, 135, NTSSSH them. AN Bakuleva or email 205_kabinet@mail.ru c note "for consultation."
The "Clinical Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgerySt. George's, "which is included in the" National Medical and Surgical Center. NI Pirogov ", offer all kinds of cardiovascular operations. Although the clinic is a relatively young, but here are developed and implemented all the latest technology the world of medicine. The hospital is on the street. Lower Day, 70. Sign up for internal consultation or to receive correspondence, please call +7 (495) 464 March 3, +7 (495) 464 44 54. The cost of services provided by the center are on site pirogov-center.ru
One of the leaders in the capital, the quality and volumeassist patients in cardiac surgery is "Central Clinical Hospital №1» RZD. In the treatment of patients apply both traditional and high-tech methods, including coronary angiography, balloon angioplasty and stenting. Contact Center hospital operates around the clock - +7 (495) 925 February 2, +7 (495) 925 68 86. Hospital can be found on the street. Volokolamsk Highway 84. ckb1rzd@yandex.ru e-mail address can send all questions. The hospital accepts patients for surgery under the quota, especially the employees of OAO RZD.

Private clinics, where you can make heart surgery

In Moscow, there is a clinic "Medicine"only in the capital and Russia has passed accreditation according to international standards and is one of the most successful clinics in the field treatment of heart disease. Here patients are offered coronary artery bypass grafting, which makes one of the best doctors in the world, Professor Alberto Repossini. Also conducts reception and performs, if necessary, surgery chief researcher NTSSSH them. AN Bakuleva Professor VM Umarov. Phone Clinic Phone: +7 (495) 995 00 33 to take your calls around the clock. More information about the clinic can be found on the site medicina.ru.

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