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Where in Moscow it is possible to learn Wing Chun and Capoeira

Where in Moscow it is possible to learn Wing Chun

"Wing Chun" and "capoeira" - exotic mix martial arts with dance elements.

They hardly a sport, it's work, the path to the liberation of the internal energy.

The Brazilian dance-sport

Capoeira - a dance, a sport where a fighter Increaseshitting, standing on the hands or the head. This Brazilian art form accompanied by music, movement rhythmically, making the learning process improves coordination of movements, plastic and produced endorphins (pleasure hormones). For beginners, approaches any form of sportswear. Mandatory requirement - the classes are barefoot.

Total property of "Wing Chun" and capoeira - a great opportunity to get rid of the extra calories and renew energy balance.

In Moscow, over 20 clubs, learning the art of Capoeira. For example, CORDAO DE OURO MOSCOW - International School of Capoeira, which uses Brazilian carnival drums as part of a class.
School REAL CAPOEIRA prefers to use during the lesson does not dictate the rules of the disciples. The main thing in the classroom - it is a culture, harmony with his inner "I" is all very democratic and friendly.
Capoeira - capoeira school preachesindividual approach and consideration of energy customer preferences in the classroom. This can be a fast, energetic Redzhinal or less mobile style Acro. In both cases, gymnastics and acrobatics required.
FICAG Groups - Moscow branch of the Internationalschool. To determine the level of capoeiristas skills developed belt system, here is difficult to get just needed basic skills possession of the elements is not the easiest dance.
The list can be replenished such schools: Sapoeira CAMARA, Capoeira Aguia Dourada, Capoeira AXE, etc. A full list of clubs, their addresses, hours of operation are set out on the website.

Dance Wushu

Wing Chun - Chinese martial art that is close toWushu. With students engaged in personal trainer, but preferred considered still a group form of training. Students master the six forms of the martial art: it is, in particular, coordination of the movements of all parts of the body, improving reflexes. The final stages of training and all are carried out using special mannequins made of wood, moreover, the student can learn the art of combat with a long pole, which is often replaced by teachers to other types of conditional gun safe. We study and technique of using butterfly sword.
In Moscow, there is a school "Chun Kung FuMoscow "- a branch of the World Coalition, organized by followers of Grandmaster Stephen. The official website gives a good description and features of the learning process, and his organization.

As links from additional sources visitors can find a list of services provided by the Federation of Wing Chun Russia. School main motto: all students are equal and law-abiding.

School "Wing Chun" in Moscow during classcombines meditation, yoga and breathing exercises, teachers see the aim is not just to teach those wishing to dance or elements of combat, but also fully develop the personality, enrich students spiritually. Their mission and understanding of the learning process is also described on the website.
The school "Smile dragon" "Wing Chun" is studied as a sport. Dance classes, but they are only part of the battle craft. Held here and the relevant seminars.

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