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Where in Moscow it is possible to play football

Ctadion "Spartak" - one of the arenas where in 2018 will be held the World Cup

World Cup will be held in 2018 in Russia byfootball game which will take eleven cities. These include and Moscow, which distinguishes the two largest urban stadium - 81000th "Luzhniki" and almost 45000th "Spartacus."

And although football fans and their central training fields will certainly be closed, the problem is to find the stadium or sports field, in the capital is clearly not.

Moscow sports

"Sport" - is not only the stationunderground. It is also part of the expression that characterizes the Russian capital as a city where a great sports infrastructure created and where you can play football all year round.
This boom in the set appeared in Moscowsports facilities, fell on the end of the 1970s. Then the capital of the Soviet Union was preparing to host the Games Summer Olympics-80. New impetus for the renovation of existing stadiums and gyms and new, with modern artificial turf, was the inclusion of Moscow in the list of cities in the world championship.

The main arena in Moscow, Russia and the World Cup are "Luzhniki", in 2008, became an elite stadium by UEFA. It is here that the final match is scheduled.

Stadiums for professionals

An ordinary townspeople, if it is, of course, not a playerone of the teams of masters such as "Spartacus" and CSKA Moscow and does not act in the national championship, to get to the stadium, where they play professional, easy. You either buy a ticket at the box office and become a fan, or get back to work.
Play amateur football in the main field"Locomotive", which fell under the threat of demolition torpedovskogo Eduard Streltsov Stadium or "Spartacus" (out of the World Cup and European club he will be called "Opening of Arena"), it is unlikely. Others such as stadiums within Moscow is not there. After the arena owned by "Dynamo" and CSKA Moscow, built almost from scratch. And the old stadiums like "Red Presnya", "Wings of the Soviets", "Metallurg" and others, have long turned into a kind of walk-through yards. Or were sold by shopping malls and casinos once existed.

Stadiums for fans

Here with this group, consisting of severaldozens of sports and live mainly due to lease issues just do not exist. And on the Internet there are a number of specialized sites and forums Moscow football fans with a mass of offers to "play". Usually just a question of the author are invited to come and make the company already playing.
The principle of paying too simple. Each football stadium and indoor arena (Hall) is a firm price per hour, which is divisible by all the players. Accordingly, the more players will come, the less they will pay in the end. The important point for today's "motorized" football fans is the fact that almost every owner of a lawn or hall provides parking for cars of players coming, as a rule, or to work, or after it.

The Moscow investment program includes the construction of another 12 sports and recreation complexes and dozens of fields for football.

If there is no money

It is said that 500 rubles for Moscow, not money. But if you still do not have them pool their savings to pay for the football field, then upset unnecessarily. After all, practice, or you can play not only on the latest generation of artificial surfaces, but also on the ordinary lawn outside the city, even on a domestic or school playground. They were in Moscow enough and now, in the era of mass developments metropolis. Of course, one needs someone to agree, but the amount will be less clearly. And far to go, wasting time and gasoline will not have to.

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