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The allergy on flowering plant

According to medical statistics, theresad regularity - the largest industrial city, the greater the number of its residents suffer from various allergies and diseases.

Therefore, treatment and diagnosis of allergies in Moscow is one of the most sought-after destinations in the delivery of health care.

Causes of allergies

The main cause of progressiveAllergy is environmental degradation, which affects large industrial centers. Harmful emissions of enterprises, large gas content in conjunction with the acute shortage of green spaces and forest parks have led to what is in the air are always the smallest particles of various allergens. All this has to breathe and to adults and children who suffer allergies especially painful, because their immune systems are not yet sufficiently matured, and the protective barriers of the mucous membranes are not fully formed. The manifestation of an allergy at a young age, along with her height as the child grows can lead to serious chronic diseases.

Possible complications

The most common complications include allergiesasthma and the subsequent development of asthma or anaphylactic shock. In cases with allergies should never self-medicate, this treatment should be selected taking into account all the individual characteristics of the body, only after the whole set of tests and clinical trials. Today, for the treatment of allergies apply both traditional and alternative medicine.

Institute of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

This hospital was established in 1995. That's when it was discovered the first clinical department right in the center of Moscow. So, thanks to the active support of Honored Doctor of the famous Russian-klinista physician Academician Yu Sergeev, Russian capital has at its disposal the first professional allergotsentr. Over the years, the walls of this medical institution have been implemented social and medical programs for the privileged category of patients, and patients with severe hereditary diseases.
Today, the Institute of Clinical database except the main clinic in Malaya Bronnaya Street 20/1 includes three health centers: at the Victory Square in Zhulebino and a center for the treatment of children at Patriarch's Ponds.

Scientific and Clinical Advisory Centre of Allergology and Immunology

It is a specialized clinic profile,the main focus of activity of which is on the diagnosis, treatment and immunopathological conditions of allergic diseases. NKKTS established medical group of enthusiasts to provide a whole range of services: biochemical studies, immunological and allergodiagnostic, dermoscopy, neybulayzernoy therapy successfully used in the treatment of allergies. This center is located at: Ul. Ostrovityanova 6.

Buteyko Clinic

For adherents of alternative medicine since 1987Buteyko Clinic has been working, that on the 3rd of Vladimir street, 3, block 2. Medical Center specialists offer comprehensive treatment programs lasting 1-5 weeks. Mainly in the treatment course consists of five sessions in the clinic. They are highly qualified doctors trained patient a special technique of breathing, which helps to eliminate the symptoms of the disease without the use of drugs.

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