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Where he met deaf and hard of hearing

Understanding of music and music will facilitate the process of dating for the deaf

The problem of lack of communication is especially important for people with hearing impairment.

For them, life becomes a full-fledged possible under certain conditions, by which they can get to know each other.

Attitude deaf or hard of hearing personquite different than the one who has no abnormalities in the auditory perception of the environment. People with varying degrees of violation of functions tend to communicate only with those who can fully understand their "colleagues", experiencing the same limitations in the full enjoyment of life.

What kind of assistance in the organization of deaf dating have online resources?

For the hearing impaired therespecific sites and pages in many forums that encourage visitors between friendships and establish a more profound friendship. For example, www.deafnet.ru resource has been created specifically for people with hearing impairments and offers a lot of services, making it easier for them to life. In particular, there is surdoperevodcheskoe support, which allows us to understand what is said in the video, movie or song. For the assimilation of lectures and seminars, which can not be found in printed form - is an invaluable aid.

Hearing impaired and deaf are divided among themselvesobtained from different sources of information, which allows them to expand their view of the world to its full perception. In this forum, there is a special page designed to dating people with hearing disabilities. Here you can read about the stories of happy marriages and meetings, which started here.
In the known resources "Classmates" isDeaf community in which these people share their experiences in dealing with various life problems and troubles, help each other advice. Similar pages are on the Mail, in particular, the "World of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing" is very popular among those people.

What helps the deaf and hard of hearing to meet and understand each other?

One way to learn more about the person -honor his articles or replies to posts. For this reason, "Answers" on the mail attends and participates actively in the discussions a large number of people with hearing disabilities. If an ordinary person's voice can understand a lot about its owner, then deprived of the possibility of deaf and hearing impaired are oriented more on the text message. Therefore, they develop a special insight: they are able to identify the nature and level of intelligence companion only by a few of his statements on the forum or in the "answer". Thus, the virtual world becomes a real possibility for them to meet and create a happy family.

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