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WHERE going bards

Where they are going to bards

The term "bard" first appeared in medieval Europe.

So we called wandering singers and performing his own songs, and folk ballads.

In the middle of the XX century in the Soviet Union bards became known singer-songwriters, ie, the value of this word has not changed.

Clubs of author's song

During the time of the "thaw", ie in the mid 50-ies in the USSR there were clubs of the author, or amateur songs (PCB). For fans of this genre were allocated rooms in the houses of culture, houses of the officers and other centers of culture. They oversee the management culture and is an island amid a sea of ​​free official ideology. Periodically clubs appeared in trouble if they crossed the permitted limits. KSP often balanced on the verge of closing, but nevertheless relatively well existed before the end of adjustment, as a relief valve for superheated steam. After restructuring and the accession of the market economy in the CSR is a difficult time, as local authorities are often just do not have the desire or the means to pay the rent for the premises bards. However, in many localities PCB preserved. Check their addresses can be on the Internet at urban sites or in the management of the municipality of culture.

Travel clubs

Author's song is inextricably linked with the classictourism: mountain, water, hiking. All the well-known Soviet bards or engaged in tourism themselves or wrote about tourists: the romance of distant roads of dangerous rapids, about climbers and mountaineering ... These songs are sung for generations of tourists in the post-Soviet space. Songs with guitar accompaniment or a cappella by the fire on a halt - a mandatory part udavshegosya campaign. If the city does not have the club's art song, DDGS can be collected in the tourist clubs.

Festivals bard

Most bards going to festivalsart song. The most famous of them - Grushin, which is held annually since 1968 at the end of June in Togliatti, Samara region. Currently, the festival shared by 2. The second festival is held at the same time on the lakes Mastryukovskie Samara region.
Moreover, in each area in a warm Russiantime of the year held regional bard festival "Sail of Hope" in the Voronezh region, "Oskolskaya lira" in Belgorod, "On August Autograph" in Lipetsk, "Robinsonade" in Leningrad, etc. Information about festivals in each region is located on the Internet. On the official pages of the festivals specified time and place of their carrying out the most convenient route and how you can get there.

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