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WHERE to give the kittens

To give kittens

You could not keep track of your home or Murko, on the other hand, you have a pedigreed cat, and binding was planned, now you become the proud owner of several small furry lumps.

Now the kittens are still tiny and helpless, but it will take six to eight weeks, and you will need to give their new owners.

How to find owners of thoroughbred kittens

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Owners of popular breeds of animals is unlikelyit will be difficult to attach his favorite offspring. If you have your own website, place it about newborn kittens enter the floor, if it is already possible to determine color, put photos and place information about the parents describing their awards earned at exhibitions. Those owners who do not have a site, but plans to continue to be engaged in animal breeding, and get paid for it, it makes sense to make your own web page.
Write ads on forums and groups"Vkontakte", dedicated to your breed. Often, people who want to have a pet from titled parents kittens acquire in other cities and even countries. The chances of finding someone who wants to take the kitten, in a place very high.

To attach purebred kittens

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Attach purebred kittens harder thanthoroughbred. Submit news about refilling your family on urban resources - forums, groups in social networks. Give notice in a newspaper. Try to note the fascinating, funny photos accompany the material. Chances are that people carefully read your ad and will talk about it to friends, will rise.

Try to find a kitten resemblance to knownman. For example, an animal with a speck under his nose, mustache reminiscent of the infamous German politician, has a better chance to attract potential owners.

Print out a few ads and hang themaround town. Not all use the Internet and have the opportunity to stumble across your message to the forum, the column advertisement in the newspaper, many scrolled. But the people standing at the bus stop waiting for transport and boredom considering bills, will see your ad and possibly tear off a piece of paper yourself with the phone number. For example, a retired host which is unlikely to be important breed his cats, the easiest way to find this way.

Do not glue the ads on boards intended for this purpose at the stops - where they will break cleaner.

Find a volunteer group that helpshomeless animals. You may be able to negotiate with them and post information to give your pets on their resources. Many people who are not seeking to have a purebred cat, turn to these organizations to help them pick up the animal. Soon, someone like the look and your kittens.

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