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Where to get a medpolis for a newborn


Compulsory health insurance is a guaranteeProtection of health in any circumstances. This protection is needed not only for adults, but for the smallest. Get a medical policy for a newborn is easy enough, but you need to pay attention to a few nuances.

Where to get a medpolis for a newborn
Medpolis for a newborn is a document,Similar to the medical policy issued to an adult. It provides an opportunity to receive free medical care and is attached to the district health facilities by the actual place of residence.

What you need to get a medical site

First of all, it is necessary to obtainThe birth certificate of the baby. He is issued in the registry office between the birth of a child and the execution of one month. The certificate must be carried with you at the time of application to the medical insurance organization (SMO). It is possible to provide a photocopy of the document, not the original.

You also need to show your father's passport orMother of the child, necessarily with a note on registration at a certain place of residence. Well and further to fill in the special application on the established sample on reception of a medical clinic. If the registration for the baby is not yet registered, the address of the actual residence is entered into the application with the words of the parent, and the medical policy of the newborn is attached to the district clinic at the place of residence.

Terms of receipt of the policy

Getting a policy is a simple procedure, notRequiring the collection of a huge package of documents and a daily stand in lines. Meanwhile, the period for which health insurance will be formalized varies quite a lot. Here everything depends on the insurance organization, which the parents of the child address. The choice of SME is not limited to anything, but in some organizations the policy is issued immediately, within half an hour from the time of application, while others can file documents up to 30 calendar days, providing for this period a temporary policy. When a provisional medical facility is provided, it must specify the timeframe during which it is valid and the date when it will be necessary to apply for a permanent policy.

In any case, delay with the receipt of thisThe document does not follow, as the newborn can receive free medical care in medical institutions only in the first three months of his life. At the end of this period, in the absence of a medical facility for a newborn, polyclinics will legally be required to pay for their services.

As a rule, filing an application for registrationCompulsory medical insurance and the receipt of the document itself occupy a total of not more than one day. The only unpleasant moment in this case will be the chance to stand for some time in a live queue at the insurance company. But, again, everything depends on the choice of organization.

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