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WHERE embed tags

To embed tags

HTML tags are inserted into the page code, which is subsequently converted to the program (browser) in the pages of the site interface.

To insert handles, you will need to open the HTML file in a text editor and enter the tags in the code sections on the page.



Create an HTML file or system resourcesuse an already created document. To do this, click on the desktop or in a separate folder, right-click and select "New" - "Text Document". Enter a name for the file, instead of the value after the dot txt enter html. To open the HTML file in the editor, click on it right mouse button to select "Open With." In the resulting list, select the application "Notepad" option to edit the code.


Create using page templateappropriate tags. Enter the & lt-html> at the top of the document. This tag is responsible for the identification of the browser page and in it all the other elements of the page must be enclosed. Then you must open the section & lt-head>, which is responsible for the transfer of titles. It displays all the service information about the document, specify the script code in other languages, CSS style sheets are inserted. To set the page title that will appear at the top of the browser window, use the tag & lt-title> & lt- / title>.


After specifying the necessary data and closing& Lt- / head> section begins & lt-body>, ie pages body. Here, in a fixed order specified page elements, integrate scripts and fit the rest of the code. It is in this tag contains a display in the browser page content: text, links, graphics, active design elements. After specifying the list of items in the & lt-body> is usually close it & lt- / body> and closing document & lt- / html> and ends editing.


Thus, the tags are inserted into the page in the following order:

& Lt-html> & lt-head>
& Lt -! - The inclusion of meta tags, link, script ->
& Lt-title> Page Title & lt- / title>
& Lt- / head> & lt-body>
& Lt -! - The text of the document and tags a, font, img, table, etc., responsible for the design of resource ->
& Lt- / body> & lt- / html>


Save the changes in the written page,using the item "File" - "Save". Click on the file on the right mouse button and then open the document using your web browser via the command "Open With." Check the display elements on the page. Insert HTML-tags in the code is completed.

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