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Where does the lazy

Where does the lazy

Laziness - the reluctance to do anything.

It can occur occasionally or consistently followed on the heels. You delayed the moment, doing other things, looking for excuses or even sit back.

Why is this happening?



Lack of interest. I do not want to do what is causing boredom or misunderstanding. You do not feel any joy, when it comes to future employment, moreover, it makes you yawn. You know something that you like almost on a subconscious level, and therefore begin to avoid his boring duties.


Fear of making a mistake. You pull with the performance of the job, fearing that you will be disappointed or you are disappointed in yourself. And maybe it's much more serious. For example, you face humiliation or dressing down, if you make a mistake. As you doubt creeps in, whether you are good enough for the job, and whether its worth, and you give up on time, or even permanently.


Lack of rest. Just cool off on the couch, maybe someone helps, but it is worth remembering that an important purpose of recreation is a brain dump. If they do not get it, you feel tired and bruised. With that mindset is unlikely to come the desire to do anything.


The lack of impact. When you are doing something, you expect to get something in return. For example, when watering the flowers, then you think about what kind of visual pleasure they deliver. But when you say to rake leaves in you wakes up laziness, because you do not care, they lie at your feet or not. When you do not see that activity will benefit the hands themselves are omitted.

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