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Where does laziness come from?


Where does laziness come from</a>

Laziness is the unwillingness to do anything.

It can appear occasionally or invariably follow the heels. You delay the moment, do other things, look for excuses or just sit back.

Why is this happening?



Lack of interest. I do not want to do things that cause boredom or misunderstanding. You do not feel any joy when it comes to the future occupation, moreover, it makes you yawn. You know something that you like almost at the subconscious level, and therefore you start to avoid your boring duties.


Fear of making a mistake. You are pulling with the task, dreading that you will be disappointed or you will be disappointed in yourself. Or maybe it's much more serious. For example, you are threatened with a dabbling or humiliation if you make a mistake. Creeps in you doubt whether you are good enough for this work and whether it is worth it, and you give up for a while, or even for good.


Lack of rest. Just chilling on the couch, maybe someone helps, but remember that the important goal of recreation is to unload the brains. If they do not get it, you feel tired and broke. With this attitude, there is hardly any desire to do anything.


Lack of bestiality. When you do something, you expect that you will receive something in return. For example, if you water the flowers, then think about what kind of visual pleasure they will deliver. But when you are told to sweep leaves, laziness awakens in you, because you do not care if they lie under your feet or not. When you do not see that the occupation will be useful, the hands go down by themselves.

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