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Where does the American Santa

Where does the American Santa

In life, sometimes fairy tale intertwined with reality.

That's what happened with the American Santa Claus, a magician who appears in the Christmas night with gifts.

Live hero tales Santa lives and works in a small town, not far from the North Pole.

Wizard of Santa Claus

Not only children, but adults want to believea fairy tale, especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays. And, of course, the main characters of these days - home Santa Claus and the American Santa Claus. Both children and adults are waiting for your favorite heroes of fairy tales, thinking beforehand what to ask for a gift, a wish make.
Dreams Come True! And if Santa is still only on the way to you, you yourself can go to visit him. Yes, Santa has an address. He lives in a small American town of North Pole (North Pole), located in the heart of the cold of Alaska, near the North Pole. The city is home to around 2,000 people.

North Pole - the city of fairy tale

On Christmas Eve in the city of Santa daylight is reduced to 4 hours, and temperatures reach -30 ° C. As many as 8 months of the year there is snow. That's what it is, a true patrimony of the ruler of winter and frost!

In the city-tale has amazing street - "Holiday Road", "snowman Street" and many others with equally magical names.

Light poles in the city are painted in white and red colors, reminding his view traditional candy, symbolizing the offensive Christmas.
Despite its small size and abandonment insnow, town Santa can not be considered detached from civilization. Just 20 kilometers from the North Pole is another city, Fairbanks. It even has a university. In the morning, residents of the North Pole in a hurry on their machines to work in Fairbanks.

Residence Santa

Right on the highway side of the road leading to Fairbanks onSt Nicholas Street is the residence of Santa Claus. It attracts many tourists who wish to meet with this fairy-tale character, and buy Christmas gifts. It is impossible to pass by Santa's house. Painted in white with bright red trim and numerous bulbs, it invites guests to all passing by.

Several rooms inside Santa's house are filled with all sorts of toys, decorations for Christmas trees and souvenirs. Products made by local craftsmen, is located on the shelf marked "Made in Alaska".

Some adults who do not believe in miracles,grumbling, cursing the high prices for souvenirs. And children with joyful squeals find around the house live reindeer, ready to lift into the air sleigh with Santa Claus and bags with gifts for the children.
In the house there are real childrenSanta Claus sitting in a chair. Playing soft music, everyone can come to Santa and ask him to fulfill a wish to get out of the hands of a living fairy-tale hero gift.
House Santa Claus has noted 60th anniversary. It was opened in 1952, the same year and the North Pole became a town. Now the house where Santa lives, gained universal popularity.

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