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WHERE do in Omsk

Where to do in Omsk

Get a good education is not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in provincial towns.

For example, in Omsk - one of the largest cities in Siberia, where even come to teach prospective students from neighboring regions.



After 9 or 11 classes in Omsk cango to one of the secondary specialized educational institutions. In total, the city of more than 40 colleges, which train specialists in different areas. In college at the Omsk State Medical Academy, you can learn a profession of a nurse or medical assistant. Omsk Bank Russia Banking School you will not simply study finance, but also to get a specific specialty - banking specialist.


If you are close to the artistic profession,select the Omsk Regional College of Culture and Arts. There you will have the opportunity to receive education related to painting, theater, music, or the organization of cultural events. Also in other colleges and technical schools of Omsk, you will be able to learn the profession of an accountant, a lawyer, a teacher of elementary grades or to get one of the workers specialties.


Your choice will be richer if you want toto act in one of Omsk universities. The largest area of ​​the university - it OmSU. As in any classic university, you will find in this high school mathematical, physical, chemical specialties, as well as training in the humanities - history, philology. In addition, the Omsk State University is preparing for such specialties rarely seen as theology and library and information work.


Those who can not imagine my life without sports,It will be interesting to study in SibGUFK - one of the largest universities in the training of trainers in Siberia. In this university, you can get a profession trainer specializing in a certain type of sport or on pita bread future students - there is a separate faculty for training for people with disabilities. In this university, you can become an expert on sports tourism.


A very promising can be trained in the Omsk State Institute of Service. There you can become an expert in hospitality, tourism, design, economy, service in the fashion industry.

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