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WHERE do after Grade 11

Where do after Grade 11

By the end of Grade 11, many students already know, for some specialty want to continue their education.

It remains only to pass the exam and submit the documents to resembling in all respects the institution.

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To get started is to figure out how many pointsIt is required to pass on your specialty of interest in school. When submitting documents to it, should have 2-3 spare and optional specialty in this university. Competitive admission is everywhere, but in some places the documents served less. Perhaps this will be your chance to pass on the budget in a less prestigious institution.
There is nothing to worry about. Of course, solid study at Moscow State University. But, for example, the Department of Chemistry has in other universities. Enterance stops mostly long distance from home, living in a hostel and not enough money to stay in another town. But if the main reason is that you are afraid to leave by their parents, then relax. Sooner or later, you want them to leave anyway, and it better happen sooner. Independent Living School has not been canceled.
After school, you become adults, and enoughindependent young people, to whom the road is open to any institutions in the country with enough points. If you do well in school, you will probably get lucky on the exam, and your knowledge will be enough for a high score.

Options for higher education institutions

When exams on foreign language knowledgeand passing the entrance test, you can apply even in foreign universities. It is a different level of knowledge and a new stage in life, it is not necessary to be afraid of. Of course, you need to start preparing in advance to go for their dreams step by step.
If you do not treat the usual traininginstitutions as the goal, it is possible to apply to the Academy of the Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, a military school, and other places of public services. All of them are very prestigious, but in addition to the exam requires good health and fitness. Here are held and their internal exams and verified pedigree, conducted psychological tests and gather other data. Go competition in such a place - not an easy task. But later you get a prestigious job, and the rank of officer.
After school students before all roads are open,the main thing - to properly dispose of their expertise and do not deviate from the intended path. Education - the key to success later in life without the help of parents. It is very important not only because of the knowledge and brown. That's what happens growing up and becoming a man in my life. Now you have no control, and the responsibility for decisions lies with you.

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