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Where did the tradition to make cakes and Easter the feast of the Resurrection

Where there was a tradition to make cakes and Easter the feast of the Resurrection

In modern times it is impossible to imagine a festive Easter table without cakes and Pasoh.

Now few people think about the symbolic meaning of this Easter eatables.

However, in the early centuries of Christianity, believers remember about where tradition has gone to make Easter cakes and Easter.

Easter SundayIt celebrated from the first centuries of Christianity in spite of the fact that the believers were persecuted by the Roman authorities. Christians staged homes present a festive feast. In the center of the table necessarily raised bread. It was a symbolic designation of the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Later, when the Christians were able to openly conductworship in the temples, in the liturgical life of the church became tradition of making Easter artos (Artos baked for Easter and at the moment). Artos symbolized the ancient tradition of figurative presence of Christ in the homes of the early Christians celebrating Easter. Artos consecrated at the end of Bright Week and there were believers. So it is now in the Orthodox churches.

When the Christian world camethe idea that the family is a small church, the religious people just could not leave the home without his Church "artos". So there was a tradition similar to Artos ispekat shaped cakes. Thus, the cake was a kind of symbol of the Christian celebration on the feast of the Resurrection of Christ. This Easter feast symbolized the invisible proximity Himself Savior of the world.

Making Pasoh also has an ancient history. Currently, this product is a mass of curd in the form of a kind of elongated pyramid. This form is caused by the memory of the tomb of Christ. Despite the fact that in ancient times the Jews buried their men in caves, form a kind of Holy Sepulchre tomb took place in the minds of Christians. Thus, Easter is a reminder of the Holy Sepulchre, from which light is sprung up in the glorious Resurrection of Christ. Currently themselves decorated Easter necessarily alphabetic characters "XB", which means that Christ is risen.

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