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Where did the tradition of making holiday asyandi

Where did the tradition of making holiday asyandi

Koreans believe that a person's life, there are three significant dates that they will certainly have to celebrate with the whole family.

This opens a small list of children's holiday asyandi.

Another such event is a wedding, and the third - the celebration of the anniversary of 60 years.

From the history of the holiday asyandi

Holiday asyandi - important event forKorean family. It is believed that a person who is not celebrating the first birthday for a special tradition, can not make the wedding ceremony, as well as celebrate hvangab, ie 60th anniversary.

Translated from "asyandi" Korean language means "child's birthday.

The tradition of celebrating asyandi - first daybirth of a child - is deeply rooted in the old days. In those days, when the medicine was not as advanced, but the food was not enough, not every child was living up to a year. Therefore it becomes a tradition in a big way to celebrate the first year of baby's life.
In ancient times, the day began with an offering of riceand other dishes spirits-patrons of the child. Now this procedure does not comply with all the Korean family. But the main meaning of the holiday was - predicting the future birthday. On the day asyandi can know what fate awaits the child, whom he will. But in order to get this information, you need to make a kind of ritual.

Celebrating asyandi

To celebrate asyandi Korean parents fitwith great trepidation. Preparations for the event begins long before the actual celebration. On the day when the baby turns a year, the parents of the birthday boy or birthday girl traditionally served two festive table. The first table is served at home in the living room for the hero of the festivities, the second - for the family, it is installed in any convenient location.

In the presence of relatives of the child is seated for refreshments full holiday table. This must be done strictly to 12 hours of the day.

The room in which to receive congratulationschild, to this day adorn and drape a white cloth. The kid dressed up in festive national Korean costume. The parents of the child seated at a table with cooked treats. Then, according to age-old tradition, a ritual performed the choice of fate.

On the table in front of the baby, if it's a boy,spread following items: rice, money, a book, a dagger, a bow and arrow, paper, pen, yarn, fruit. Girls put rice, book, money, pen, sewing utensils and iron. The whole family, with bated breath, waiting for what the subject of the first to take into the hands of the baby. Rice or money - to be a rich man baby, brush, pen, book - to be a child learned. If the baby attracted the attention of fruit - it means to become a statesman, and if he chooses a bow and dagger - the military. If a girl takes sewing accessories - be it skilled worker-needlewoman.
After the choices made by the birthday, all relativesHe begins to congratulate the kid, in presenting a gift of money for which the parents have to buy for his child something memorable. Celebration continues treat guests and entertainment.

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