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Where did the banknote 10 rubles

Where did the banknote 10 rubles

The Bank of Russia is not the first year trying to withdraw from circulation ten-bills and replacing them with coins. For the first time the discontinuation of paper desyatirublevok was announced in 2009.

It was assumed that by 2011 the turnover will only metal gold coins.

In fact, it was not so simple, and began to emerge unforeseen difficulties.

And even now in circulation across dozens of paper.

We are looking for an answer in the Central Bank

Targeted replacement of banknotes in denominations of 10 rubles coin is not the first year.

The whole idea with the replacement of ten-paperbills on iron coin set itself one goal - saving. It turns out, according to estimates of the Central Bank experts, this operation will be able to save about 18 billion rubles for 10 years.
The new coin of 10 rubles enteredturnover from 1 October 2009. It is made of steel plated yellow copper alloy. In size it is closest to the coin denominations of 2 rubles. It clearly differs from the other stuff because of the bright colors.
Manufacture of paper money is worth much more expensive,rather than coinage. As a rule, ten-bills wear out quickly: dilapidated, with wrinkles and creases, they often do not accept payment terminals. As established in the Central Bank, the average life of ten-bill is a little less than a year, and coins - about 30 years.
Central Bank has expressed dissatisfaction with the perception of the population of 10-ruble coins. For this reason, he will not rush with the launch of the larger denomination coins, although the move was previously planned.
It was promised that by the beginning of 2012 papermoney face value of 10 rubles will be completely withdrawn from circulation. A similar situation occurred with the banknote 5 rubles, which was successfully taken out of circulation. But something went wrong. Plans of the Central Bank did not come true. It turned out not so easy to just pick up and bring all paper gold coins from circulation.

Where can disappear coins?

There was a rather interesting situation: the paper money withdrawn from circulation and coins are sorely lacking. Just some mystery!
The representative of the Central Bank says that in this lies, rather, psychological reason. According to the people, metallic money is not very convenient to carry, they are heavy.

By the way, the weight of a ten coins - 5.63 grams.

Because of this, many simply left their homes in the bank. This phenomenon has become widespread. Babbitt metal does not take money as paper money.
People tend to be divided into supporters andopponents of various reforms. In this case, however, all were unanimous. People began to feel uncomfortable. In the shops there is an acute shortage of money is this denomination. Payment terminals in Russia are not designed for the reception stuff, and fans fill up your phone balance in the amount too little unhappy.

Monument to the lost bill

In 2011, in Krasnoyarsk, which is justis shown in a ten bill, it was solemnly opened a monument of paper a dozen. On the pavement lay crumpled bill. City residents are proud of the fact that it depicts Krasnoyarsk HPP. Now that the bill will soon disappear from the market forever and become history.

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