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Where did Evgenia Feofilaktova (Guseva)


Evgenia Feofilaktova (Guseva)</a>

Evgenia Feofilaktova was one of the brightest participants of the project "Dom-2" on the channel TNT.

The girl lived in a house "where love is built" onFor several years. During this time, Eugene not only grew up, but also made adjustments to her appearance, having performed a plastic operation to increase the breast.

Eugene also distinguished herself by her complex character. Winning her heart was not an easy task for fans.

The girl's departure from the project was a big surprise.

Reasons for leaving the project

The way of life, world outlook and behavior of EugeneFeofilaktova on the project "Dom-2" vividly testified that the girl is mercantile enough in the choice of friends and men. The choice of the chosen one and his external data are the main qualities that Zhenya sought from the Cavaliers. That is why for a long time viewers of the show and fans of Feofilaktova doubted the sincerity of her feelings for a simple fitness instructor, Anton Gusev.
Roman Zhenya and Anton ended with a solemnMarriage. Shortly before the birth of his son, the couple suddenly left the project. The main reason for this decision Eugene calls the negative atmosphere on the show - the constant interference of participants in her life, envy and ridicule. The girl considers such situation incompatible with the upbringing of the child. After a holiday in the Dominican Republic, Zhenya reported on the upcoming care. To persuade the couple to stay, no one became, and the participants, having collected things, left the territory of the project.

Evgenia Feofilaktova does not plan to say goodbye to television. The girl is going to return to the fans as a TV presenter.

Life after the project

At the moment, Eugenia and Anton Gusev live inMoscow apartment, where they moved immediately after the project. Their main source of income is their own online store of children's goods. Zhenya is also engaged in the sale of cosmetic products.
According to the girl, she does not have any difficulties,But family life brings only joy. The couple is actively engaged in arranging their apartment, and in the near future to look for work is in no hurry. Eugene closely engaged in the life and upbringing of the child, and Anton Pavlovich is waiting for real lucrative and promising proposals. Zhenya supports her husband in everything.
The Internet shop of the pair began to develop, moreBeing on the project. Now on the pages of the site you can find thousands of products for children. However, according to active Internet users, the prices of Zhenya and Anton are slightly overestimated. This topic is discussed quite actively.

Zhenya followed the example of enterprising project participants. Online stores have already opened Eugene Kuzin, sisters Kolesnichenko and Gleb Klubnichka.

On the pages of social networks Eugene permanentlyShares news from his life - puts photos with the kid, advertising posts and a lot of personal photos. The materials show that the girl is happy and enjoying her new life. She does not miss the project "Dom-2" and even, on the contrary, expresses extremely negative.

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