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WHERE to complain about the teacher


Where to complain about the teacher</a>

During the school years, the relationship between pupils and teachers is not always normal.

There can be many reasons for this, among which there is a violation of legislation by the teacher.

If the problem is not resolved peacefully, it is not possible for parents to complain about the teacher.



The very first person you shouldTo inform the teacher about improper behavior is the director. To begin with, you can try to solve the problem exciting you orally, in person. If this will bring the desired effect, it is worth writing to him a written complaint, on which he will be obliged to give an official answer.


To write a complaint, write on the sheet of the formatA4 information about who you address your message to and indicate your name, surname and patronymic. After that, clearly and clearly describe the problem situation. At the same time, try to avoid unnecessary expression, obscene and prosthetic phrases - then the complaint will produce a stronger effect.


If possible, attach evidence to the complaintWrongful actions of the teacher in relation to your child. Describe what led to his behavior - the fear of the student, the reluctance to go to school, etc. Please note that the complaint will have a greater effect if you compile it collectively, with other parents, dissatisfied with the behavior of the teacher. Sign the complaint and remove a copy from it.


Take two copies of the drafted application to the secretary of the director and wait for your copy to be supplied with a registration number and date. The answer should be given to you within 30 days.


If the complaint directed to the director did not bringThe desired effect, draw up a similar appeal to the District Education Department, which controls the activities of schools. The next instance is the Ministry of Education and Science of your province or region. In the latter case, your application will still be written off to the District Education Department, and there they will decide the issue with the headmaster.


You can also call the appropriate authorities by phone hotline, which today must be listed on their official website. Or send a letter there by e-mail.

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