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WHERE complain about the teacher

To complain about the teacher

Over the years, the school study the relationship between students and teachers do not always add up properly.

The reasons for this may be many, among which there is also a violation of the law on the part of the teacher.

If you settle the problem peacefully does not work, parents can complain to the teacher.



The very first person you shouldmade aware of the misconduct of the teacher, is the director. For starters, you can try to solve the problem of exciting you orally, in person. If, however, it will bring the desired effect, it is necessary to write him a letter of complaint, to which he will be required to give an official response.


To make a complaint, write to the format sheetA4 information about who you are addressing your message and include your name, surname and patronymic. After that clearly describe the problem situation. At the same time, avoid unnecessary expression of obscene and colloquial phrases - then the complaint will produce a stronger effect.


If possible, attach to the complaint evidenceunlawful actions of the teacher in relation to your child. Describe what led to his behavior - fear schoolboy, reluctance to go to lessons, etc. Please note that the application take on a momentum greater effect, if you will make it collectively with other parents, teachers dissatisfied with the behavior. Sign the complaint and remove it with a copy.


Bring two copies drawn up by the Secretary, the Director, and wait to put on your copy of the registration number and date. The answer you must give 30 days.


If the complaint is directed to the Director, has not broughtthe desired effect, make a similar fashion appeal to the District Department of Education, which supervises the activities of the schools. The next instance - the Ministry of Education and Science or the edge of your field. In the latter case, your appeal will still be unsubscribed in the management of the district, and there will be to solve the problem with the school principal.


You can also call the appropriate authorities on the hotline, which today must always be indicated on their official website. Or send to email.

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