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WHERE complain about the pension fund

To complain about the pension fund

Pension Fund of Russia, which has offices in allFederation regions, promotes sensitivity to pensioners and insured persons, and therefore very seriously respond to all complaints and appeals received from citizens.



On improper relationship management staffPension you can complain to the head. As a rule, the citizens work staff customer service, and therefore need to complain to the head of the customer service management. To prepare a written complaint is not necessary, given that FIU works with disabled and elderly people, in a word, those who write and formulate thoughts is sometimes difficult, operates an unwritten rule that oral treatment is considered on a par with the work.


If adopted by the head of the customer service orChief management measures appear insufficient to you or you feel distrust of these officials, contact your municipal government FIU. It also has customer service that can help you solve the problem, which was, for example, no response in the area. However, in order that your abuser was punished, you need to get an appointment to the head. Usually the reception is carried out once or twice a week, so the time you need to know in advance, and even better sign.


Senior management of the pension fund in the regionis Managing Office FIU. Complaining about it is necessary only in writing, with the outstanding need to specify all of your accounts and contact data, but in order that a trial is as effective as possible, and write a number of retirement or SNILS.


However, most likely your message will beunsubscribed to one of the deputies. And rightly so, because each group has its own specialty and can be detailed and professional to understand your problem and to take adequate measures of influence on an employee who has become the reason for your complaint. Three deputies usually: on the appointment and recalculation of pensions on pension insurance (which, incidentally, applies to all citizens of the country), on the appointment and payment of monthly payments (we are talking about for Moms money entitled to maternity capital, and for people with disabilities who receive state. support). All substituents are as personal reception, which you can also come.


On issues related to the unlawful refusalFIU in the payment of pensions or compensation, as well as in connection with infringement of your legal rights and freedoms, it is necessary to contact the prosecutor's office. The complaint must be lodged in writing, it is necessary to specify all your data, explain the essence of the conflict, as well as to make all the evidence of your innocence (this can be requests, responses, receipts, which the FIU required to issue upon receipt of documents, extracts from bank accounts and so on.) within 30 days after your treatment will prepare a response to the prosecutor's office and will report on the sanctions imposed on the fund.


However, the prosecution is consideringissues in the interests of disadvantaged citizens, and also in the interest of the general public. If you, for example, an entrepreneur who fund illegally accrued penalty is likely to recommend you to apply to the arbitration court. The statement of claim to arbitration need to be especially careful, as the case may leave without proceedings on formal grounds.


It is equally important to try to settle the dispute andpretrial order - a requirement of the arbitration proceedings. To do this, you must send a letter to the Manager OPFR in which to express their disagreement with the actions of employees and offer to solve the issue within the framework of the law. After 30 days, you will receive a response to this letter. A negative response will need to be attached to the statement of claim.


Please note, you must submit a claim does notonly to arbitration, but also to all the participants of the future of the process, evidenced by the postal receipts of acceptance to send a registered letter. Receipts have to be submitted to the judge.

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