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WHERE to complain about the pension fund


Where to complain about the pension fund</a>

The Pension Fund of Russia, which has branches in allRegions of the federation, promotes sensitivity to pensioners and insured persons, and therefore very seriously reacts to all complaints and appeals from citizens.



On the incorrect attitude of employees of departmentsThe pension fund can complain to the head. As a rule, the employees of the client service work with the citizens, and therefore they need to complain to the head of the client management service. There is no need to write a written complaint, because the FIU works with disabled people and elderly people, in short, those who write and formulate thoughts are sometimes difficult, there is an implicit rule that verbal treatment is treated on a par with writing.


If received by the client service manager orThe head of the department measures you seem insufficient or you are distrustful of these officials, contact the city administration of the FIU. There, too, there is a customer service where you will be helped to solve a question that remained, for example, without an answer in the district. However, in order for your offender to be punished, you need to get to the reception to the head. Usually, the reception is conducted once or twice a week, so it is necessary to know about the time in advance, or even better to sign up.


The top management of the pension fund in the regionIs the Managing Director of the FIU. It is necessary to complain to him only in writing, at the same time all his registration and contact details should be indicated in the appeal, and in order for the trial to be as effective as possible, write a pension or SNILS number.


However, most likely your appeal will beWas written off to one of the deputies. And this is correct, because each deputy has his own specialization and can thoroughly and professionally understand your problem and take adequate measures of influence on the employee who became the reason for your complaint. Usually, there are three deputies: on the appointment and recalculation of pensions, on pension insurance (which, incidentally, applies to all citizens of the country), on the appointment and payment of monthly cash payments (it is money for mothers who are entitled to maternity capital and For disabled people who receive state support). All deputies also conduct a personal reception, to which you can also come.


On problems related to wrongful refusalFIUs in the payment of pensions or compensation, as well as in connection with the infringement of your legal rights and freedoms, you need to contact the prosecutor's office. The complaint must be submitted in writing, it should specify in full your data, state the essence of the conflict, and attach all the evidence that you are right (these may be requests, answers to them, receipts that FIU employees are required to issue when receiving documents, bank statements Accounts, etc.) Within 30 days of your request, the prosecutor's office will prepare a response and report on the sanctions imposed on the fund.


However, the prosecutor's office is consideringIssues in the interests of socially unprotected citizens, as well as in the interests of an unlimited number of persons. If you, for example, an entrepreneur to whom the fund illegally charged a fine, most likely, you will be advised to apply to the arbitration court. The statement of claim in arbitration should be made especially carefully, because the case can be left without trial on formal grounds.


It is equally important to try and resolve the dispute inPre-trial procedure - this is the requirement of arbitration proceedings. To do this, you must send a letter to the Managing Director of the OPF, expressing his disagreement with the actions of the employees and proposing to resolve the matter within the framework of the law. After 30 days you will receive a response to such a letter. A negative answer will need to be attached to the statement of claim.


Please note, you must not file an actionOnly in arbitration, but also to all participants of the future process, as evidenced by postal receipts for the acceptance of a registered letter. The receipts will need to be presented to the judge.

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