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WHERE complain about the lack of heating

Where to complain about the lack of heating

Lack of heating in apartment buildings -One of the most common problems utility. For emergency shutdown tenants usually are treated with understanding, because they know the cause and approximate time of its elimination.

But it happens that a city connected to the heat supply for a long time, and your risers remains cold.

In these cases, just need to complain.



Find out if your villagesingle emergency dispatch service. Its location may be listed on the receipts for which you pay for heating. Telephone number of such service must be written somewhere in the stairwell in a prominent place - for example, on the billboard. But this requirement is not always respected. With this service it is enough just to call, your application will be forwarded to the management company or the heat supply companies. Do not forget to ask about the application number and find out the name of the employee who accepted it.


Common emergency dispatch service is not available inall localities. Therefore, it is possible that you will have to apply directly to the office responsible for the condition of heating systems in your home. This management company. Call such an organization may have a different - ZHILKOMSERVIS, RG, etc. The name indicated on the receipt for payment of utility services. Call dispatch, report the problem, ask the application number and the name of the host. The management company and can be accessed with a written statement. It is written in free form - as well as all documents of this kind, it is indicated to whom the complaint is addressed, and by whom it. Write in what areas there is no heating.


If the management company does not take anymeasures, refer to the local administration. You need a department or committee on housing and communal services management. Write a statement and do not forget to specify that appealed to the management company, specify who received your application, as well as its number.


In the prolonged absence of heating can becomplain to the housing office. Usually the complaints to the organization are more effective than the control group. Housing Inspectorate will issue an order to fix the problem. Call a housing inspection is best with a written statement.


Your rights can protect and prosecutor's office. The application is most convenient to write directly on the spot, as the receptionist or the secretary and you will find samples of filling in paperwork.


Since 2013 in Russia set a single dayof citizens - 12 December. On this day, you can contact the reception of the President, governors, heads of local administrations. Information on this must be posted on the official website of your municipality. Make an appointment with the head of administration and make him aware of your problem and tell us what steps you have already taken, and what the outcome was.

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