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WHERE can you go with the whole family


Where can I go with the whole family</a>

Free time, the day off is best spent with his family. And not at home, in front of the TV, lying on the couch.

After all, there are many options for how to spend this time profitably and where to go all together.



Travel with native people out of town. In summer you can play badminton, ball in the outdoors, play a snake in the sky, make your own hands, pick berries, mushrooms, useful medicinal plants, weave wreaths from flowers, buy in a forest lake, spend the whole family in a tent and fry shish kebabs. In winter, play in the snowballs in the snow, roll off the slides, build various figures from snow, feed the seeds with seeds and nuts, and forest birds with bread or seeds.


In the city, go to the ice rink with the whole family, takingWith them skates or taking them for hire. Visit the swimming pool or water park. In many cities there is a zoo, a planetarium, an oceanarium, a museum of military art, a local history or ethnographic museum, where it will be interesting for both children and adults. Ride with children on roller skates, skateboard in the summer, and in winter, except skates, you can go skiing.


Visit the children's theater, look at the cinemaNew movie. Find out in advance from the city newspapers, what activities are held in the city on the coming holidays or weekends, and visit city fairs, shows.


Do not forget that there are parks withAttractions for adults and children. In them, in addition to an interesting pastime on the carousel, you can ride a karting, compete, who will soon reach the finish line on the racetrack, shoot in a dash from a bow or a pneumatic gun.


Organize your family horseback riding onHorses. Children can ride on small ponies, adults on more tall horses. If you are afraid to ride, ride the whole family in the carriage. Equestrian walks can be arranged both in the summer and in the winter.


In winter, in bad weather, if you want to relaxWith health benefits, visit the sports center, in which adults can shake muscles in the gym, exercise. Children are invited to swim in the pool, play table tennis. All together before leaving the center, sit at a table for rest and have a drink of oxygen, herbal cocktails, freshly squeezed juices, which are usually offered in such wellness centers.

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