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Where can I find the supplier of goods

Where can I find the supplier of goods

Find high-quality employees is difficult, but even more difficult - to find a stable partner, because it is impossible to conduct business with anyone anyhow.



Markets and public stores.
Product search providers available in the marketmany advantages. Firstly, it is possible to examine the quality of the products and see its real value to customers, and secondly, the most important advantage is the ability to immediately discuss all the nuances of cooperation.


Net exhibition centers regularly conductexhibitions on various subjects and branches of production. In the stands, you can learn more about the products offered, as well as to agree on further meetings.


Search on the Internet.
You can try to find suppliers throughInternet. However, on the first positions on the majority of searches are the largest companies already established in the market and is hardly interested in further cooperation. But at smaller suppliers own site can not be.


Bulletin boards.
If you search on the Internet is not successful, thenway out will be message boards where you can either to advertise the search or browse the already published. The most popular message boards are Slando and Avito.


Buying contacts database.
If you have the extra finances cantry to acquire contact with the hands base. This method is the fact that for relatively little money, you get already-developed database, where suppliers are already prepared to cooperate or even crave it. But it is necessary to beware of scams, selling outdated database providing contact numbers or not officers.


Electronic contacts database.
Leafing through piles of paper with the names, addresses andtelephone numbers is very expensive. It is much more convenient to have electronic contact supplier base. Similar data can be found by downloading, for example, 2gis program.


Business forums and exchange of experience.
Visiting forums of businessmen, you will find not only a bona fide suppliers, but also to learn a bunch of useful information about the features of your business.

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