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Where can send the call to serve by

There is a list of the types of troops.

Call them on the basis of a set of desires conscript, his health status and needs of certain forces in the new soldiers.



Ground troops. One of the branches of service - car. It called upon all with experience of driving and with small deviations in health, for example, with a slight degree of flatfoot.


Signal Corps. Designed to provide reliable communications during the fighting. It calls on all who have excellent hearing and sharp vision.


The tank of the armed forces. They are the main force during the fighting. They play a crucial role in the attack, resistance and defense against the enemy's side.


Army Chemical and Biological Defense. This branch is intended to protect civilians against chemical and biological impacts.


Air Force. These include aviation, air defense and radar troops. Aviation protects the territory from the air. There are 4 kinds of it: far - hits all the important objects protivnika- military transport - is engaged in the transportation of troops from the front and army oborudovaniem-. When you call here at the boys checked the vestibular apparatus and the cardiovascular system.


Anti-aircraft missile troops. Provides protection of the population against the threat from above. Recruits must have excellent physical preparation.


Radiotechnical kind designed to detect enemy min and various devices. It called upon all having a strong nervous system.


Navy. This includes the following kind: submarine, surface, coastal service. Underwater is designed to attack the submarine forces and opponents of the device. These swimmers are encouraged with different physical and mental characteristics.


Surface army. It carries out the destruction of ships and land-based buildings. Recruits must have plasticity and agility for quick ascent to the enemy side.


The Coast. It provides protection of the population, as well as the defense of ground targets from enemy attack by water. Encourage the young men with excellent hearing and eyesight. Can be like that troops also recruits with light degree of diseases, which are not a barrier to military service.

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