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Where can I pay bills for an apartment without a commission


The best option for paying bills for an apartmentWithout a commission are considered the methods associated with the use of Internet banking. Other methods, including payment terminals, are usually associated with the need to pay a commission.

There are several operational methods of paymentUtility bills, but most of the payers are interested in saving their own funds. Until recently, many used cash offices in bank branches, as well as post offices, to pay bills. But these options are currently virtually irrelevant, since they imply the need to introduce a commission, the amount of which can be set in a fixed amount or in percentage of the transferred funds. Banks intensively transfer customers to self-service using remote banking systems, so these payment methods are currently the cheapest.

How to pay bills for an apartment in an online bank

To use the functionalityInternet bank to any citizen is enough to open an account or issue a card product in the relevant credit institution. The vast majority of banks provide remote services for free, but you should ask in advance the cost of self-payments in favor of utility providers.

If no commission is charged for such payments, thenYou can safely start using this opportunity. It is quite easy to make any payment in the personal account of the Internet bank, as many credit institutions cooperate with utilities providers. The user just selects the appropriate company from the list of payees, then enter the amount of funds transferred and confirm the payment. If the company is not among the partners of the bank, it is possible to make a payment on the free requisites, and the details themselves are located on the received invoices for the apartment.

How to pay bills for apartments in terminals and payment systems

An acceptable alternative to remoteservices of credit institutions are some payment systems and terminals. When using terminals (eg, Qiwi or "JCB"), you can also choose their own supplier of utility services and to withdraw cash, but in most cases the user will be charged with the commission. With the need to pay the commission also linked to virtually all other methods related to making cash in vaults of credit institutions, money transfer systems, post offices.

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