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Where can I take an exam for driving a scooter

The category "M" appeared at the end of last year(On mopeds and scooters) presented to future road users new requirements. If earlier on a scooter could ride any person from 12 years, now you need to get a driver's license to drive this vehicle.

Where can I take an exam for driving a scooter
The introduction of a new category is still palpableFelt only residents of large cities, where almost every motor-driving school trains teenagers and adults driving a scooter. In small towns, training in the "M" category has not yet gained much popularity - most people wishing to travel on a two-wheeled vehicle prefer to study the usual category "A".

Passing the exam together with the driving school

In order to pass the driving testCertificate of the category "M", you must be 16 years old. The service costs 5-10 thousand rubles (in different regions of the country the prices for training in driving schools vary). It is assumed that the training will include a standard study of traffic rules and a small practice, although the latter is not in all driving schools. The theory course for any category of driver's license lasts about 1-1.5 months, at the end of which you will have to pass the so-called internal exam (test for knowledge of traffic rules). If you do not pass the exam the first time, then you will be assigned a retake and give time for preparation.

After passing the internal examination inDriving school you can begin to practice. It is still not known exactly how many hours the students will have to go to the "M" category. At the end of the training you will have to show the standard overall "eight", the corridor, the semicircles, the snake, acceleration and braking on the straight line, driving at low speed, etc. If you perfectly cope with these figures in the internal practice exam, then you can safely go to the traffic police and show your skills to the inspectors.

Self-passing the scooter exam

In recent years, the country began to appearThe trend of self-passing the driver's license examination. If you have previously ridden a motorcycle or a moped, you know the theory well, then you can call or come to the traffic police at the place of registration and agree on the exam. It is also possible to pass the exam with the driving school or independently in another city or region. When you surrender to the right in this way, you must have in your hands a certificate from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate at the place of registration, which states that you have not previously been deprived of the right or do not have a driver's license of another category.

Important details

It is best to come to the traffic police and learn aboutThe procedure for conducting an exam for driving a scooter in advance, because on the phone you are unlikely to give all the necessary information (phones are often busy). If you take the exam for the category "M", you should know in advance what documents you will need. Otherwise, you have to go back to your hometown and collect information for a long time.

In conclusion, it should be noted that after the introductionNew categories, including "M", there was a lot of confusion, and programs for students on the new rules are still not clearly formed. If you do not just want to spend time and money, it's better to specify in advance the cost of training, the types of transport that correspond to one or another category, the training process, the number of hours of theory and practice, and other important details.

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