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Where can I sell clothes

Where can I sell clothes

There are many online stores offering products for purchase and sale.

To date, every Internet user has the ability to sell any thing through specialized auctions.

It's enough to put the goods find their seller and buyer to send the item.



Decide on the clothes that you want to selland set it a certain price. To do this, visit the various websites and online auctions, clothing stores and learn the products offered by other vendors.


Do not inflate the price and do not try to sell the goodsfor the amount that he is not worth it. Even if you thing is very expensive, it is the most objective approach to the definition of its value. Set a price that adequately fits the product, in order to maximize the probability of its sale.


Decide on the method by which youreceive money. Selling clothes, it is desirable to offer the customer as much as possible options. It is worth noting that the payment methods should be popular. Well suited to obtain money through translation in the Internet bank or payment on the Webmoney purse or through Paypal, which is a must to have if you want to sell products abroad. Also it is necessary to calculate the approximate cost of delivery to the consumer - for example, if you are sending a parcel to a different region of Russia, at the mail you have to pay for sending the parcel.


Select the resource that you want to implementsale. Register an account on the site, specializing in trade things. For example, you can visit AVITO or resource of the newspaper "Hand in Hand", which collect quite a large audience of buyers. For clothing sales abroad, you can use eBay. Try to use a popular and visited resources that comes a lot of visitors.


Seriously, go to the drawing up of the adsale. Write it as wisely and avoid various errors and jargon. Describe in detail the state of selling clothes, apply a quality photograph. Optionally, you can call the reason for which you sell this thing, and specify whether the buyer can negotiate with you about the cost. Specify the exact contact data by which you can be contacted.


Try to sell the product to people who live inyour city or its surroundings. So you will be able to personally deliver the goods or to organize a faster delivery. If a buyer can not find for a long time, update the product as often as possible, so it does not get lost among the other items on the site.

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