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Where can I go with a child of 2 years


Where can I go with a child of 2 years</a>

In two years, children understand almost everything thatThey are told by adults. Therefore, parents who want to give the baby everything necessary for development, start to drive him to all activities, where only you can get.

And although the baby is, in principle, ready to receive largeVolumes of information, not all active activities suit him, because something may not be of interest to him, and he does not have enough patience for long-term outings.



Walking in the park

To walk in the park did not turn for the babyIn a nightmare, you need to bring along a pushchair or a bicycle with a handle that will be pushed by an adult. The kid physically can not walk with you 5 km, enjoying the fresh air and the sight of rare plants. It is worth remembering that the limit of patience of the child at this age is 25-30 minutes, so it is worth considering the route. It is advisable that the path leads you to a pond or a playground, because watching the alternation of birches, oaks and lime trees will quickly get bored. You can take something with you to eat and arrange a picnic, of course, following the rules of safety and hygiene. In fact, walks in the park - one of the least dangerous ways for a child to spend time, there is no chance of getting any infection from a sick person, with constant monitoring, injuries are unlikely.


Theaters and Cinema

Many mothers dream about the time when you canWill take the child to the play. In fact, 2 years is not an ideal time for this. The child is difficult to understand everything that happens on the stage, to follow the plot, and just to parse the words. The same applies to cartoons, as a rule, everything that goes to the movies lasts at least one and a half hours, and the children lose patience by the end of the advertising trailers. Exceptions are only short productions in theaters of young audiences, puppet theaters or children's theater studios, but such programs can not be found in all cities. In addition, do not expect something special for the first time. The kid can just be scared, so it's better to postpone the first play at least up to three years.



Unfortunately, museums that may be of interestSmall children, there are far from all cities. But dragging a two-year-old child in the local history is simply unreasonable - you can not touch and twist there, glass showcases all around, and there's nothing to see. Another thing - a museum of dolls or retro cars, kids can spend quite a lot of time in such an institution.


Game training centers

This is an ideal place for two-year-olds, likeNormally, such centers are established on the basis of kindergartens or specialized schools of development. There are a lot of toys, groups in which classes are held, small, so conflict situations are unlikely, and the risk of catching the flu is also not so high as in the usual group of kindergarten. In addition, all games are conducted under the supervision of a child psychologist, so moms and dads will be able to learn something new about their child, because the specialist looks at the child differently than the parents.


Amusement parks

2 years is the age when the child is activeMastering space, including new, and already knows how to demand. Therefore, going to the park with the carousel with the baby, moms and dads should be ready to let him rush from one attraction to another and may burst into tears if he refuses him in the tenth session of a ride on a train. However, some may simply be afraid of sounds and light.


Shopping centers

Visit to shopping centers on weekends has becomeOrdinary leisure of many families in our country. Children during adult shopping go to special leisure centers. As a rule, two-year-olds are not taken there, and this is correct. The playing five-year plan can simply not notice the baby, knock him down, accidentally push. In addition, such close contact is not very good for the immature immunity of the child. In any case, it's the choice of mom and dad, whether to go with a two-year-old child to buy.


Water parks

In 2 years the child is already coordinated, perfectlyControls the hands and feet, so you can visit the water park. Children for some reason like swimming pools more than the sea, so do not be surprised that 2 hours in such an institution will be remembered to him more than a month on a sunny beach. The main thing is not to lose sight of him.

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