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Where can I go to Moscow

Where can I go to Moscow

Died down the last call with the prom and it is time to be determined with further continuation of education.

And for this you need to choose a suitable university, good variety of educational institutions in Moscow allows to make it quite successfully pass the entrance exams.



If you like a legal activity, theit should be chosen law schools. These include: the Moscow State Law Academy named Kutafina- Institut- International Legal Department of the Moscow State University and so on.


When choosing a pedagogical or socialactivities perfectly suited to you the following universities: Moscow State Pedagogical University-Moscow Social and Pedagogical Institut- Moscow Institute of Physical Culture and Sport.


Wanting to become an economist, you should payattention to indicators pass mark and have excellent knowledge of mathematics. The economic institutions of higher learning include: Academy of Economic Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federatsii- Moscow State University named Lomonosova- Russian State Trade and Economic University.


If the choice is made in favor of the actor's art,you need to find out a system to teach in a particular institute. Each theater the training institution has its own rules for the exams. For theatrical universities are: the All-Russian State Institute of Kinematografii- Higher Theatre School named Schukina- Russian Academy of Theatre Arts.


With excellent knowledge of foreign languages ​​can try yourself as a translator, you will approach the Moscow State Linguistic University.


When a need to pass on journalismObligatory preliminary interview with the provision of all the achievements in the field of journalism - article in a newspaper, the prizes for the contests of poetry and so on. Department of Journalism are in the following universities: Moscow State Humanitarian University named Sholohova- Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting "Ostankino" - Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

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