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Where can I go now

Where you can go now

There comes a long-awaited holiday.

And with them come the next idea, where you can go to a big company, what attractions to visit in the city as a good time.



Visit with friends, watching a movie theater with a newthe movie you wanted to see for a long time together. As an alternative to an evening spent alone with the art - a visit to the theater, Regional Philharmonic Concert Hall.


Actively spend the weekend with your friends, you can forcity. To do this, remove the cottage or country house, the house at the tourist camp. Where entertainment can be found for all companies in both summer and winter: walks in the woods, swimming in the river, lake, fishing and cooking fish soup, a game of badminton, volleyball, football, and in the winter - skiing, skating, snowboarding, on sledding down the hills, the game snowballs.


When visiting the city of bowling, billiards,water park, amusement park, a sushi bar, disco, night club, karaoke club you can buy tickets or make bookings dishes in places a purse - get inexpensive in the whole company.


Make a reservation on a weekend trip to thetravel agency. These tours show the most beautiful places and attractions in the area. You usefully spend the day and learn a lot about their land.


Walk with friends in the city, having planned in advanceroute, which will move. On the way you can visit the café for a snack, a cup of coffee, then look at the city's museums, exhibitions of art, visit the memorial sites, stroll through the green park, go on a boat on the city channel, just to breathe the air and mingle with each other.


If your company have any children, all together willinteresting to visit the sports centers, where there are facilities for adults (gyms, bowling, fitness, yoga) and for children (pool, games room with children's exercise equipment). Or go all together in your town hypermarkets, where adults can visit the boutiques, shops for their own interests, and children to spend a wonderful time in the game rooms under the supervision of animators and employees of children's recreation centers.

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