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Beautiful and spectacular looks even a poster with the results of the World Cup draw

One of the most notorious episodes happenedon the eve of 6 December 2012 on the 2014 FIFA World Cup draw, was the refusal to participate in the ceremony, three times winner of these tournaments Pele. According to the legends of world football, he was afraid to pull Brazil awkward opponents.

What Pele said after learning his team's final schedule of games, not reported.

Calendar compiled

In total in the tournament for the World Cup will start 32teams, divided into eight groups. Accordingly, there is a schedule for only the first step, after which half of the contenders for the medals go home. Moreover, it is made so that each of the participants will hold three matches at relatively regular intervals, and only with the other teams of their group.
In particular, in the group of H, where by chance androlled out of the lotto balls hit the Russian national team, June 17 will meet Belgium and Algeria, and the next day will be held the match between Russia and South Korea. June 22 Belgians will play with Russians and Koreans with the Algerians. Finally, on June 27 appointed Korean games with Belgium and Algeria and Russia.

The starting day of the championship is scheduled for three matches: Brazil will take Croatia, Mexico will battle with Cameroon, Spain and Holland.

Football schedule

His Russian team matches will start, respectively,two in the morning, at eight in the evening and at midnight. And to learn or to forget about it can be a simple way: in advance to find a suitable source of information about the championship.
Sources, by the way, is quite acceptable to have anda few, because the games calendar hastened to put a lot of media. And although they are likely to use only the official data, rather than, for example, Wikipedia, to focus only on the need to the most reliable and proven. These include, above all, the official sites of national and continental football associations, as well as the organizing committee of the championship and conducting such tournaments FIFA (International Football Federation).

There is also a Russian version of the FIFA website. It specifically for the Russian fans, posted a calendar of upcoming games and ticket program.

The second group of sites that deserve the fulltrust, owns the most popular sport and football publications. Of the latter can be distinguished Russian "Sport-Express", which, in addition to a detailed calendar of games, regularly publishes various news about the upcoming event and interviews with players and coaches.
To view the schedule and even scrutinize it can also be published in the tournament brochures, manuals, and finally, in the bookmakers.

Easy hand Zidane

Among the main operating entities of the draw, afterwhich, in fact, there was a schedule of games, appeared not only to organize its football officials and Pele. Present in the room and other specially invited world champions in football over the years. This, in particular, the Frenchman Zidane, Brazilian Cafu and German Matthaus. By the way, it is with the filing of Zidane and Co rivals of the Russian team in the group began to command, are not considered favorites for the competition.

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