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Where can I find a schedule of hockey matches

Where can I find a schedule of hockey matches

Hockey - the second most popular sport in Russia.

To cheer for your favorite team, thousands of fans regularly attend The ongoing matches in the national championship and friendly matches.

If you decide to join the fans of hockey, you need to schedule the next games.

If your town has a hockey team and youYou want to go to the match with her participation, pay attention to the local media. Most often game schedule is published in newspapers ( "Antenna", "Telesem", etc.), as well as special sports publications ( "PROSPORT", etc.).

In addition, the specific dates of the matchesoften covered in the sports part of the news bulletins on television. See a couple of news feeds on the life is in your city, and wait for the reportage sports commentator. Try to get to those news releases, which are in the range from 18 to 20 pm local time, as in later times some sports gear units are not shown.

Most have their own hockey teamssites on the Internet, where you can find the schedule of the next games. Moreover, these websites you can find a variety of useful information (team composition, biographies of players and coaches, etc.), as well as to communicate with the team and fans to find them among like-minded people.

If you are interested in hockey a larger scale,namely, the championship of Russia, or even the world, to clarify the schedule of games, you can use the services of large portals dedicated to the sport. For example, Hockeyrussia.ru portal offers you the most current and relevant information regarding the Russian hockey.

Most hockey teams exist inseveral compositions. On major matches out usually basic, consisting of the strongest athletes of the collective. If the team are invited to a friendly match, it is sent to a spare part, popularly called "double". Schedule of games can be specified on the official website of the team.

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