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Where can I find a list of the best cartoon of the year

Where to find a list of the best cartoon of the year

Due to the fact that all available technology -Budgets are getting smaller and more products are born. Therefore, the spectator even more often the question arises: how from a huge flow of information to select only the highest quality and interesting?

Consider the basic principles of search can be an example of the best cartoons.

Of course, the main indicator of the quality ofcartoon is nominated for "Oscar" award. Multicam is awarded a gold statue since 2002, and over and over again to receive it claimed the highest quality and serious projects, issued for 12 months.

However, nominations are always no more than five, and suchthe list is not long enough. In this case it is necessary to take advantage of the large database of the movie sites: in Russia, this is a "kinopoisk" in the rest of the world - imdb.com.

Enter into the address bar kinopoisk.ru, and then click on this link. In the upper part of the site find the button "ratings" in her place "search for the best." Before you open a menu that allows you to specify the maximum own desires, specifying the box office, cartoon rating and year of establishment. However, try to minimize the entered information: Remember, the more restrictions you impose, the less results will give the search. The most reasonable would be to have two results - at the box office (to learn the opinion of the audience, "voted the purse") and rated. In the latter case, you will fall for sure "independent" animation - without huge budgets and wide distribution, but the quality itself.

"Rating" menu, you can also move to"Lists" menu. Select the "years" and therefore, you are interested in a year. There is nothing to enter is not required - the site automatically selects the films (like animation and art) with the highest rating issued for a specified period of time.

Use periodicals. For any magazine, the majority of sites, and even individual directors (Quentin Tarantino, for instance) compilation of the individual "top chart" is commonplace. These ratings are often formed at the end of the year or early next.

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