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WHERE to find the list of the best cartoons of the year


Where to find the list of the best cartoons of the year</a>

Due to the fact that technology is more affordable -Budgets are getting smaller and products are born more and more. Therefore, the viewer is increasingly question: how to select from the huge flow of information only the most qualitative and interesting?

Consider the basic principles of the search for the best examples of cartoons.

Of course, the main indicator of qualityThe cartoon is a nomination for an Oscar. Cartoons are handed a gold statuette since 2002, and over and over again the most high-quality and serious projects, issued in 12 months, are applied for it.

However, nominees are always no more than five, and suchList for a long time is not enough. In this case, it is worth using the databases of major sites about cinema: in Russia, such is "Kinopoisk", in the rest of the world - imdb.com.

Type in the address bar kinopoisk.Com and go to this link. At the top of the site, find the button "ratings", in it the item "search for the best." Before you open a menu that will allow you to maximally specify your own desires, indicating box office fees, the rating of the cartoon and the year of creation. However, try to minimize the information entered: remember, the more restrictions you impose, the less results you will get. The most reasonable will be to conduct two searches - on box office (after hearing the opinion of the audience, "voted purse") and rated. In the latter case, you will surely get an "independent" animation - without huge budgets and wide hire, but quality in itself.

From the "ratings" menu, you can also move to theItem "lists". Select the tab "years" and, correspondingly, the year you are interested in. There is nothing to enter here - the site automatically selects films (both animated and art) with the highest rating, issued within the specified time.

Use the periodicals. For any magazine, most sites and even individual directors (Quentin Tarantino, for example) compiling an individual "chart of the best" is a common thing. Such ratings are most often formed at the end of the year or the beginning of the next.

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