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WHERE can I enter in November


Where to go in November</a>

Regardless of whether you graduated from a school, college or other institution, the state provides an opportunity for further education.

Chances to enter one of the suitable institutions are quite high throughout the autumn period.

You will need

  • - certificate of education-
  • - passport.



See the time limits for admitting students toThose or other educational institutions of your city. Usually documents are accepted and students are enrolled before the beginning of September, but due to the low number of applicants or for other reasons, it can be extended to a later period. This can be found on the websites of your city's institutions or by calling the admissions office. Even if the reception has already been completed, do not stop following the latest news from the college or university, as new specialties are periodically opened, lagging students are expelled, new paid or budget places appear, etc., which will allow you to apply for education without problems.


Consider entering a technical schoolOr college after the end of grade 9. It is enough to have a certificate of secondary education in your hands to apply to the city of your city and apply for admission to one of the groups. In these institutions, enrollment is often quite small, and most groups have vacant seats. In this case, the selection committee will conduct an interview with the applicant and make a decision regarding his enrollment in the students.


Continue education in your or another schoolAfter the 9th grade. If you have sufficiently high GIA scores, the management of the institution can meet you and rejoin the students, for example, if all the places in other educational institutions of the city were occupied, or you could not enter there for other reasons. In this case, you will continue to study at school until the end of grade 11.


Find out if there are free places in the correspondence groupsUniversities and colleges of the city. In the fall period, classes in them are just beginning, and even in November you have all chances to be enrolled in one of them. If you already have one higher education, try applying for a second higher education. This decision is always welcomed by most universities, and as a result you will be attached without passing exams to one of the already existing groups studying in your chosen specialty.

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