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Where can I do with the English language

Where can I do with the English language

The education system offers a range ofspecialties to continue to receive the profession. Reception in modern universities is carried out on the basis of the results obtained during the Unified State Examination (USE).

Choosing English as an additional subject, it is possible to secure admission to some faculties and specialties.



After passing the exam in English, you can tryenter any Russian university on a specialty such as linguistics or philology. For further specialization, you can choose the faculty of translation, philology or foreign language teaching at any university which provides such an opportunity. It should be noted that these trends are often presented in public universities.


If in the future you want to apply their knowledgelanguage in other areas, you can also choose related to foreign departments. For example, the results of the exam in English and geography, you can select regional studies, Asian and African Studies or Anthropology.


To gain knowledge on the functioning ofthe modern world political system can deliver additional social studies and enroll in disciplines such as international relations or world politics, universities, data-centric direction (MGIMO, mining and so on). Also, a foreign language can be useful, and admission to the Faculty of the global economy or global business in Economic University.


Some institutions take athe results of the exam in English on specialty journalism or tourism. Foreign and also useful for the future of Customs (specialty "Customs"), a psychologist, a teacher or a sociologist. Interesting disciplines can become cultural studies, religious studies, as well as specialty associated with hotel services.


Requirements for the results of entrance examinationsmay vary in each institution. Each university has the right to appoint the requirements for applicants, as well as a set of exams required for admission to a particular profession.

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