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Where can you do after school

Where can you do after school

Completion of training in school or college does not mean that a young person should just get a job.

Most often, colleges graduates can continue their education in higher educational institutions on a convenient short-term program.

You will need

  • - Diploma or certificate of secondary special education (original and copy) -
  • - Passport (original and copy).



Find out what features to furthertraining provides graduates of your school. For example, some schools have an agreement with a certain higher education institution that graduates can continue their education in it and get a higher education in the short program. Education at the university will be the same as the one on which they were trained in school, or have a direct relation to it. After graduation the student will receive a diploma or bachelor's degree.


Go through the entrance test in the chosen university. In this case, an applicant is not required to pass the unified state exam and provide results on it. Typically, the procedure involves the passage of enrollment simple test from the institution or participate in a job interview. If you receive a check for the institution of budget places, because it is a convenient opportunity to study free of charge. Also note that if you choose a specialty that does not match the one you received in school, you will have to pass the academic difference in the form of additional examinations and tests.


Continue training at the school, if the institutiona master's program. master's Education usually lasts 2-3 years. After receiving the diploma, you can get a more prestigious job or stay in school as a teacher.


Consider the option of employment immediatelyafter graduation. As the holder of a diploma of secondary special education, you will be able to qualify for suitable vacancies as well as job seekers with higher education. You may not immediately be able to get a prestigious job, but you can start work earlier than other young people and subsequently due to the good experience will be able to climb the corporate ladder faster.

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