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WHERE you can buy the most expensive things in the world


Where you can buy the most expensive things in the world

The House of Bijan opened in 1976 in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. The most expensive things in the world are sold here.

The store was founded by American fashion designer of Iranian origin - Bidjan Pakzad.

It was in his honor and named this store with sky-high prices.

To make a purchase in this boutique, you needHave at least $ 800,000 with you - this is the average check in House of Bijan. However, the presence of such an impressive amount does not guarantee that you will get into this luxurious fashion store. On the doors of the boutique there is an inscription that notifies potential customers that the reception is only by appointment.

The windows of this boutique list the names of manyFamous buyers. These include: Vladimir Putin, Nicolas Sarkozy, Jimmy Carter, George Bush Jr., Barack Hussein Obama, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg and many other people known throughout the world.

Founder and permanent leader himselfAn expensive store in the world Bijan Pakzad has always personally served his clients, helping them to make a choice. By the way, without preliminary recording here really did not accept anyone. Throughout its history, no exclusion was made for anyone. Whether you're a president, a famous actor or director with a world-wide reputation.

House of Bijan is a huge store, whereMen's clothing, jewelery and perfume are sold. Virtually all things are exclusive and exist in a single copy. For the production of his collection, the founder of the boutique used only the best materials, precious stones and metals.

Bidjan Pakzad died in April 2011, but his offspring continues to live and thrive, offering the world's most expensive things to famous and rich people.

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