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Where can I buy a new car in Moscow?

Where can I buy a new car in Moscow?

The number of dealers in Moscow soon will reach a thousand.

Now in the capital can buy almost any car, even a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

In the struggle for the client salons go to all sorts of tricks.

But your job is to find a seller that will suit you in all respects.

Dealer "gray", a new car

The most famous, but reliable "gray" dealers "Avtokontsept», Gregory's cars.

To select "their" showroom of alldiversity, define for yourself that for you in priority. Suppose you want to buy a car quickly, only a specific color and packaging, not to pay extra for additional equipment and services in the future to go on planned maintenance in another technical center. In this case, you are waiting for the so-called "gray" dealers. Nothing criminal about that, it's just the usual middlemen. Prices in this cabin will be slightly higher than an authorized dealer, but also by car you can leave on the same day as the payment will. In this case you will not be imposed on additional services, and a car will not be installed accessories.
There you can get credit and insurance. The disadvantages of such dealers is the impossibility to carry out planned maintenance and any repairs. Sometimes when you make a loan, you can get there on dubious lenders with high interest rates. Therefore, buying a new car is the "unofficial", carefully read all the documentation. How to identify "gray" dealer? Typically, many automakers (Toyota, Lexus, BMW, WV, Renault) prefer to sell their cars only in the monobrand showroom. It all German automakers, brand business class. If the cabin Mazda car standing next to a production of "AvtoVAZ", an unofficial dealer.

Buy with guarantee

The largest multi-brand dealers Moscow: Major, Block Motors, «Autoworld", "AutoGermes", "Trinity Motors."

But in Moscow there are official dealers onareas which enjoy different brands ( "AutoGermes", "Autoworld"). This so-called multi-brand showrooms. Cars of different brands (mainly Korean and Japanese mass-market) are sold in the same showroom, but are in different showrooms. What are advantages of buying a car from an authorized dealer. Prices of cars are set by the manufacturer and is almost the same for all dealers. You will be offered after-sales service, technical center services, credit programs reputable banks. Often seasonal promotions and discounts on cars last year, client days and presentations.
Among the minuses can be noted a rigid impositionadditional equipment, sometimes long delivery vehicle waiting period (to popular models), "schools" in the multitude of client flow management. How to understand that the official dealer in front of you. First, go to the official website of the brand you have selected a vehicle. There is always a complete list of authorized dealers throughout Russia. You can call customer support (see it on the website) and you will pick the most convenient for you geographically Motor Show. Dealer always sell your car in well-appointed interiors, and not on the street. Under the open sky may be only new Zhiguli, and then only for the range, so that the customer can choose the desired color.

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