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Where you can buy a mask of Darth Vader

Darth Vader

The film "Star Wars" has won no less popular in Russia than in the US, where it was created.

Domestic audience liked the characters, and not just positive.

Darth Vader being a hero is notpositive, however, it has a huge appeal, and some special charm. Not surprisingly, the role-playing games, many fans of "Star Wars" prefer it this way. Make appropriate mask their own hands is not easy, it's easier to buy it.

The official movie site

The first thing to think about officialOnline «Star Wars» - starwars.com. There's a section Shop (shop) where the collected information on a variety of products related to the "Star Wars": books, comics, video games, characters, figures, the LEGO designers, etc. There are also masks some of the characters, including Darth Vader. Find it can see at Toys (Toy), subsection Role play (role play).
However, at the official store is not online. On each product page, there is a link leading to the store where it is sold. All these shops are located abroad and purchase of goods in them may be subject to some inconveniences for the Russians. It is much easier to buy a mask on the territory of the country.

Domestic Stores

Shops, where the goods sold related toStar Wars movie, exist in Russia. For example, an online store Crystal Castle. There are themed products not only in the "Star Wars", but also "Lord of the Rings", "Harry Potter», Star trek, and many other well-known films and TV series. In St. Petersburg, Pickup possible in Moscow and St. Petersburg - express delivery to all cities of Russia - delivery of mail.
The mask of Darth Vader can be found either in the "Mask" or the "Star Wars." Along with this accessory are flash cards and pendants in the form of characters of the film, with their image clock.
There is also an online store,It specializes on masks. It is called - "Mask of the world»: maskamira.ru. Goods are delivered by the Post of Russia. The mask of Darth Vader can be found in the "Star Wars."
It is very interesting, although very expensive maskDarth Vader can be purchased at the online store Kidslab (kudslab.tiu.ru). This helmet has a device that converts a voice that will ensure an almost perfect resemblance with the character. To find this product on the website, you must go to the section of products from the company Hasbro, Star wars subsection.

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