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Where can I buy a dog

Where can I buy a dog

Not to want the dog.

We must be aware that it will have to deal with and to walk, take care of it.

If in case you are approached with great responsibility, it remains only to determine the breed of dog and choose where to buy.

First of all you should decide - what is needed dog. For hunting should choose a dog hunting breeds. For the protection of - service. If you just want to please the eyes, choose a decorative rock.

Buy a dog can be a variety of ways, ranging from the purchase of dogs with a pedigree in the nursery, and the last refuge of abandoned dogs in the underpass.
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Buying a dog from a passerby

Walking around the city, you can meet people withpuppies in a box or a blanket. So hard to resist these lovely creatures, I want to take all warm, caress. If you do not care of the dog breed, you can select this option. The advantage of buying a passer is the low price, often even symbolic.
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The risks of such a purchase: there is absolutely no guarantee of cleanliness of the dog. A person can be wrong with the floor, giving the girl a boy. Dog's age is often determined by eye.
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Buying a dog on the "bird market"

The market can be seen as honest breeders, as well as fraud, issuing of mongrel purebred dog with pedigree. Dog, given as a father, can also be a hoax.
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The advantage of buying on the market is the low pricecompared to the nursery even for real pedigree dog. Risks: The probability of getting caught in the hype and overpay for mongrel dogs, and the presence of disease in the puppy because of poor disinfection market.

Buying a dog on your ad

Having a dog on your ad, you will be able to evaluate all the puppies from the litter, get to know their mother and to assess the conditions in which animals are kept.
Advantages of such a purchase: the authenticity of the documents, if the breeder sells. If you buy a puppy chosen from the streets, which is being hosted at the time, most likely, it was tested for the disease, we put basic vaccinations and completely washed.

Buying a dog in a kennel

The most secure way to purchase a purebred cleanly with authentic documents of the dog. At the same time this option - the most expensive.
In the nursery, you can see the pedigreedog, watch award her parents. You can be sure in the absence of disease and the availability of vaccines in a puppy as a feeding and living conditions. Puppies from kennel usually know basic commands and is well educated.
The big plus is the fact that the nursery helps in raising their puppies advises, assists in training and offers medical services, overexposure, etc.

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