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Where can I hide money in the apartment?


So it turned out that Russian people do not trust banks,So they try to keep everything they earn at home. Each thief tries to find and carry with him as fashionably more valuables from home. And the task of honest citizens is to preserve their values.

Where people hide money
In the apartment at first glance, there are not so many places,Where you can hide money. But at the second sight these places are very many. Wishing to save money, people hide money in such places that it is simply impossible to guess. But there is another category of people - these simply take away the values ​​from the eyes away - if you do not see it, they will not find it.

How to hide money

Time for a thief is not so much. At any time, the owners can enter the apartment - then certainly not to condense. Therefore, thieves do not like to spend a lot of time searching. The harder it is to get money, the more secure they are.

If you save money and report it inYou need to have easy access to your hiding place. But the place should be non-standard, your own, which the thief will be hard to guess.

If you hide money for a cupboard, then the thief will pipe them out. But the fact that the wardrobe is often pushed aside will be seen, and guessing exactly where the money lies is not so difficult.

And it is best to have several caches, in which there will be some amount. Having found one "funeral home", the thief can calm down and leave the apartment, leaving the remaining savings untouched.

Where you do not need to hide money

Money should not be hidden in places like:
- a casket in the table-
- under the tablecloth of the table-
- under the mattress-
- for wallpaper-
- in a refrigerator-
- in the pillow-
- in the closet in the underwear-
- in soft toys-
- in the pockets of clothing.

The list can be continued indefinitely. These easily accessible and understandable places thieves examine first. That is, money should not be hidden in such places, access to which does not require special physical effort and strong mental strain.

Where can I hide money?

You need to hide money in such places, access toWhich requires a significant load from the thief. About hidden behind the cabinet money is not difficult to guess, but it is difficult to push it away. The money hidden in the "bombs" on the chandelier is not difficult to unscrew, but you need to guess that there may be savings. Cornice is difficult to remove and it is difficult to guess about the money in it.

Approximately so you must reason, hiding yourAccumulation. If the house has a lot of books, you can hide money in books. This method is dangerous because if a thief decides to look into them, it can easily detect accumulation. The book is not difficult to turn upside down and shake. If the money in the book is not fixed, then they will fall out.

You can arrange a hiding place at the apartment. Caches are arranged in places where they are not visible. A box under the windowsill with a double bottom is a shelf in the pantry, a little shorter than the rest, a small box, glued to the bottom shelf of the shoe. This list also can be continued indefinitely.

The most reliable place to store money issafe. Even if the thief finds it, then without skills will not bother with opening the door. But the presence of the safe implies the presence of serious savings, so the thief can return.

Hide the money in a cache, and put a couple of bills in the safe. You can and make fun of thieves, putting in the safe "kukish" from the store of ridiculous gifts.

But it is more reliable to keep money in the bank. Make an urgent deposit, so that neither you nor anyone else can take money from the bank until a certain time. And if you are afraid of default, then keep your savings in hard currency.

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