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Where can I download free e-books


Electronic libraries turned the usualReaders' comments on how to get books. Of course, you have to pay for literature if you want to show respect to the author and find out interesting information. However, most book lovers still prefer to do this for free.

Free literature does not necessarily violateCopyrights. Often this is a classic that has long been known to everyone, reference books available for download from various resources, albums, applications and other publications that do not require compensation in cash for their reading. And among the great number of sites where you can find and download interesting books there are generally recognized resources that everyone should know about.

Books are different, books are important

You can make a small list of the best booksellers in the opinion of book libraries:

Lib.ru - "Maxim Moshkov's Library". Probably the oldest, solid, filled with art and reference literature in the Runet segment. Here are collected classical works, reference literature, samizdat. There was even a place for music and photo albums. It is from this site that it is necessary to begin the development of book libraries for the beginning Internet reader. Books open in the browser, and then are saved to your computer.

Www.aldebaran.Ru is a slightly less famous and younger library. Some books in it you can download, and others only buy. A reasonably organized interface allows you to quickly find the right author and book.

Ihtik.lib.ru - "Ichika Library". It was created in 2002 in Ufa. Contains priceless materials on many humanitarian and exact sciences. As a pleasant bonus, you can order project collections on DVD or HDD media. A lot of useful information for scientists, schoolchildren, students, just interested in various aspects of people's lives. You can download individual works or whole archives in different directions. In the latter case, the file size can reach tens of gigabytes.

Www.rusneb.Ru - "National Electronic Library". Unique catalogs from universal collections to periodicals, music collections and early printed books. It is of great interest to all people from a personal or professional point of view. A lot of books and documents are available online without registration. For others, you need to get an account.

Www.gumer.Info - "Gumer Library" is an excellent resource for all lovers of the humanitarian direction in studying everything and everything. A lot of documents in different languages ​​are available for reading online or downloading.

Warning to readers

The world of the Internet opens almost limitlessProspects for readers and just looking for the necessary information. However, do not forget that downloading any literature requires gratitude to the author of the work or the resource where it was received. And, if you observe this simple postulate, there will be more books, they will be more accessible, and all will benefit.

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