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Where it is possible to make uzi of vessels of the lower extremities


One of the most important activities to identifyDangerous diseases of the vessels of the lower extremities is ultrasound. Usually, ultrasound should be performed with signs of fast fatigue of the legs during movement, with frequent pain and discomfort in the lower extremities.

Uzi of lower extremity vessels is an important procedure
To determine the state of the vessels of the lowerExtremities, ultrasound is used, which can show vessels in the form of graphics. The ability of ultrasonic waves to visually visualize the movement of blood elements makes it possible to analyze the properties of blood flow. These actions are called Doppler or Doppler.

Types of ultrasound studies of the vessels of the lower extremities

Two-dimensional ultrasound dopplerography,Designated UZDG, does not use at present its former popularity due to the development of more modern methods of ultrasound of the legs. With this survey, you can assess the patency of the veins and the condition of the valves.

Duplex angioscanning, abbreviated asUZDS or UGAS, is traditionally a standard examination that allows you to make the right diagnosis and start treatment. With this method of examination, you can find out the condition of the vessel walls, the permeability of the veins, the level of damage to the veins valves, the presence of thrombi, and also to know why the varicose recurrence occurred in the postoperative period.

Triplex ultrasound of vessels and veins located inLower extremities, allows you to see a three-dimensional color image. This method is considered the best at this stage for those people who have problems with the veins and arteries on their legs. It is very useful in drawing up an operation plan, since it helps to understand what a postoperative relapse or complication may result from.

Where to go for ultrasound of the vessels of the lower extremities

All of the above listed methods of ultrasoundStudies can be done in any phlebological center or in clinics that have a department of vascular surgery. If you have any suspicions that you need to have an ultrasound of your legs, go first not to a surgeon or therapist, but to a phlebologist.

After a visual inspection, the doctor will be able to say,Whether it is necessary for you to go on ultrasound, in fact in many cases for appointment of treatment or preventive maintenance of diseases of the bottom extremities there is enough usual survey.

When a vascular surgeon assigns ultrasound to you, notIt is worthwhile to focus on phlebological centers, in which the price of such a service is very high, more expensive - does not mean better. It is important to get on an ultrasound examination to an experienced vascular surgeon or phlebologist.

After conducting a complete diagnosis with the help of Doppler ultrasound of vessels, it will be possible to detect the degree of lesion of the vessels of the lower extremities and to prescribe conservative or operative treatment.

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